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10a Introduction to German World War II Radio Equipment (FuG 10 = FuG X)
10b. Telefunken World War II Universal TRF receiver Torn.E.b [PA0SE]
German WWII radio communication equipment, see page e
11c List of equipment covered in the later chapters
11d - see f22
11e PKA2 Künstliche antenne, Leuchtquarze
12a. German World War II Radio Equipment - Köln E52 receiver - part 1 (PA0SE Dick Rolema)
12b. German World War II Radio Equipment - Köln E52 receiver - part 2 (PA0SE Dick Rolema)
12c. Lorenz Shortwave Receiver Lo6K39a (Lo6L39), The ultimate TRF set [PA0SE]
12d. Telefunken World War II Superheterodyne Receiver Kw.E.a (Lw.E.a) [PA0SE]
17s Tfk E381S
17t Tfk Spez. 801
21a German radio communication equipment
22a Torn E.b - LF-MF-HF General purpose receiver, Tornisterempfänger Spez 445 Bs

page-22b KwEa,
Differences in IF-section between KwEa and LwEa,
Function selectors inside Kw.E.a.,
Optimizing Kw.E.a or not,
Antenna connection for coax cable with LwEa and KwEa receivers.
AM/CW/SSB detector in Kw.E.a is the Audion-type,
AGC amplifier in Kw.E.a,
BFO circuit in Kw.E.a. and added amplifier for ssb reception,
Connecting a loadspeaker to Kw:E.a, Lw.E.a, Torn.E.b, Fu.H.E.c, Ukw.E.e etc,
Audio level meter for Kw.E.a,

22c: LwEa, T8PL39. AF100 compared to RV12P2000, Functional circuits: T8PL39 vs. Lw.E.a.
22d Tornisterempfänger Spez 445Bs
22h FuHEu Wehrmacht monitoring and DF receiver
23a E10K, E10L (FuG 10) Aircraft receivers
23e EZ6 Aircraft homing receiver (ref. Frederick Emmons Terman, Sc.D 1937)
23g Polish AQ2/3 (=N1), AQ2/4 (N2) receivers (part of transmitter/receiver)
23p Philips H2L/7 - straight communication receiver
23q Philips HMZL34 = VO34 (Vliegtuig Ontvanger)
23r Philips DR25, DR38, DR42, DR78, DR85
23s Philips BX925
24a E52 Köln - General communication receiver
24b MwEc - Panzer MF receiver
24c N/A
24l Lo6K39, Lo6L39 - Marine straight communication RX for LF and HF.
24m T9K39 - Marine communication receiver
24t UkWEe, UkwEh - Panzer 24-32MHz receivers
24z Blindlandingsutstyr
25a Torn Fu.b1, Torn.Fu.c - manpack transceivers
25b TornFub1 mods
25c further info for Torn.Fu.b1/c, coil and transformer data, find suitable paint
25d Torn Fu.d2 VHF transceiver
25e further circuit diagrams
25f. Vb.K ( remote control unit for Tornisterfunkgeräte b1, c und f
25h Lo1UK35 Marine Fritz
25r Radione equipment
28a Dynamotors
28b EWb, EW.c - dc-dc inverters (see also e97)
28c NA6/NA6a Netz Anschlußgerät für KwEa und LwEa, see also e96
29a FuG25a - friend or foe identifier for aircraft
29b FuG16 - aircraft transceiver
29c FuG17 - aircraft transceiver, Lo10UK39?
30a Lo40K39 - Marine transmitter
30b Modulation notes for RL12P35, LS50
30e S10K/S10L - (FuG 10) Aircraft LF/HF transmitters
30g 10WSc, 20WSd - Panzer transmitter
30m 80W.S.a - Panzer transmitter

31a 15w-transceiver
Aufbau des 15-Watt Sender-Empfängers b für Umformerbetrieb im Funk-Kraftwagen
Nettdel for 15W.S.E.a (og 15W.S.E.b) AR nr 9/52
LA4KC's power supply for 15WSEa (AR nr 9/52)
LA6U's power supply (AR nr 9/52)
LA5B's power supply (AR nr 9/52)
Litt mer om 15 W.S. E.-settet (AR nr 11/53 s.157)
15W.SE-settet" (om endringer til RV12P2000- og RL12P10-rør)(AR nr 6/58) side 89-90
Å forandre settet til AC-drift byr ikke på særlig store probl., idet RV12P2000 og RL12P10 passer rett i rørholderne.
HF-rørets katode chassisforbindes, men blanderrørets katode må IKKE jordes
Manual was available from LA1P Christen Syverrud (in 1970)

[31g Ha5K39 Power supply]
31h Hagenuk Ha5K39 Small marine HF transceiver and power supply
31j Jo20K42
33a Radio link equipment [SEG2T, NTG2], see also info on page k61
33b carrier frequency equipment (Trägerfrequenzgeräte)
34a Flakabnahmekammer, Mutterkompass
35a. German Radar equipment, oscilloscope display for WR

43a (e43) Signal detectors in ex-German receivers

Torn.E.b. regenerative detector (LA7MI)
Mw.E.c detector
T8PL39 Detector
E52 Detectors

44a opto-communication equipment
52 French radio communication equipment
53a Philips equipment used by the Germans during WW2
61. US army radio surplus equipment
62. Further Boatanchors
62. National HRO-50T + RCA LF RX
63 British army radio surplus
64 A Russian transceiver

91-93 N/U
94 BA-topics list
95 List of technical topics
[97 about having a hobby]
98 N/U
99 N/U
160(n) temporary page (Pye europa)
161(n) temporary page (galvanometer)
896 Liste over etiketter som er brukt
897 N/A
898 temp. page
900 (897) ["Skeinelöyse köyregreie"] dvs. samleside for diverse bilder som kan brukes på forskjellige sider

901 Schaltbilder I
Schaltbild Feldfernschreiber 24a-32
Schaltbild Ukw.E.e
Schaltbild Torn.E.b/24b-305
Torn.Fu.f: Zusammengesetztes Schaltbild des Senders und Empfängers (Torn.Fu.b1 und Torn.Fu.c)

902 Schaltbilder II
Ln21021 Schwabenland (Luftwaffe version, Marine version is EO 8268
Schaltbild für Lo1UK35
Schaltbild für Lo6K39/Lo6L39

903 Schaltbilder III
Radione ER1a
Radione RS-20 transmitter
E382bF aircraft receiver (picture)

904 Schaltbilder IV
Philips H2L/7 straight receiver
Philips H2/L7 component location
Radione R2 with american loctal tubes (without BFO)
Prahn 791/U

905 Schaltbild V
Siemens D2006 block diagram
Temic U4314 B-FP Log. RX signal strength indicator/AM-demodulator
µPC10737H (UPC1037H) Equivalent circuit (Nippon Electric Co Ltd. Double balanced modulator)

906 Schaltbilder VI

993 Norwegian Soup Group - Norsk supperåd
994 this page
996 Hellschreiber/Hellskriver
999 En tom side/The Empty's page
a Aerial experiments (Bearley Radio, S-O-A, Warks.)

a1 HF antennas and ATU

80m RX frame-aerial
ATU for 30m endfed halfwave sloper
ATU for mobile operation
Direction finding antenna for 10m band (DJ1XK)
End-fed sloper for 30m band
Erfahrungsberichte ueber Entwicklung und Einsatz von Dopplerpeilern
Home made transition to BNC
KW E-Zee type "Z-match" modifications
My old Z-match, built in 1972 (type: W1CJL)
Simple impedance measure bridge
Use of Fernsehen connectors to choose HF aerials
W1CJL type Z-match (QST May 55)

a11 Diverse bilder til diskusjon
a12 diverse data for radarstasjoner i Rogaland
a13 N/A
a14 endring
a15 ledig

a71 VHF antennas for CW/SSB operation

Alford Slot and "Abe Lincoln" mobile antenna,
Balun and connections to coax cables using appliance electrical box
Bow horn antenna (Winkel Dipol) for 2m SSB/CW mobile
calculated version of the "6m SQUALO"
Secondary applications of "Coke" bottles for weatherproofing coax connectors
SM6ESG's Halo aerials
The ever popular HALO ("Squalo" according to SM6ESG)

a72 2m weak signal antennas

Constructing LA8WF's bow horn antenna
SM6ESG's mobil mount

a79 2m local (FM) antenna

Kathrein RS2HV 2m antenne

auk auctions and meetings
auk1 auctions and meetings

b Amateur radio rigs and mods.
b8 ......about providing manuals
b9 ..... Key click problems and importance of intelligibility - even on SSB!
b21... .FT-901/902 Mods
b23:... FT-7 mods
b25 ....Icom IC-202 2m SSB/CW transceiver, and IF for microwave transverters
b26.....Sommerkamp transmitter


Trio/Kenwood TR-7010, TS-500, VFO-40

b31..... Early Drake receivers
b32 .... Drake Transceiver mods

Proper pentode mixer types, and R-4C

b34 ....Collins 51 J
b35 ....Collins 51 S mods
b36 ....Heath-Kit mods
b51 ....Yaesu FT-101B, FT-225
b52.....Sommerkamp FT-250, Tempo One, Yaesu FT-200
b71. ...Lorenz 6P203 Communication receiver
b72 ....Siemens Rainbow receiver
b73 ....Racal RA 17 ssb mod
b88 ....Atlas 210X problems and cures, Racal (RA17 and) RA1772
b89 ....Datong RF speechprocessor and Timewave DSP-9
b90 ....Salora 2m VHF transceiver mods
b91 ....SRA 400 and 500 VHF series rig mods, and 10m FM conversion
b92 ....Storno CQM/CQP612 mods and practice
b95 ....PYE mods
b97 ....Shinwa 70cm rig mods
b99 ....AP 70cm (Norwegian text article, figures missed)
bjoern "Bjørnen" båtmotor (og vinsj)

c. Amateur radio technical experiments

c11 Reflecties door LA8AK I

2-circuit 80m pre-selector (LA7MI)
Audio oscillator using 88 or 77mH toroid coil
Bias regulator using µA723 or MC1723CP
Connections for the most common small-signal transistors
Constant current generator for feeding high intensity LEDs
Digital 90° phase shifter using D-type flip-flops
Drake R4245 multimode detector using MC1496L
High level pin diode attenuator (Roland J. Turner)
IF output from BC RX
Improved circuit for MAR4 application
info for winding coils:
LM3909 LED Flasher.
Lownoise XO for 12MHz, based on an article by DJ2LR Ulrich Rohde
MC1351P as AM detector
PA Grid Bias protection.
Power supply protection against intermittent potmeter contact.
Rig selector
Siemens TBA120 = TI SN76660N circuit diagram
Simple Cohn filter for preselector covers 1.75-7.2kHz (LA7MI)
TBA120 as AM demodulator
TBA120 as low frequency mixer

c12 Reflecties door LA8AK II

Bias regulator for Motorola 70cm 250W power amplifier
Control circuit for Jotron 2m 250W VHF power fet amplifier
Dual bias regulator for solidstate linear amplifier
G3SEK's RF Power Amplifier Optimization Boards
improved termination of the 455kHz mechanical filter
VSWR/Power meter construction
Improving SL6440 application
Logarithmic amplifier used as a part of LA4MH's VSWR/powermeter.
Planned AF staircasemodulatorproject

c13 Reflecties door LA8AK III

10MHz BAND-LIMIT Lowpassfilter
90° RF hybrid [LA7MI].
Add-on productdetector
Homemade "RS232C" connector for Garmin etrex GPS
Mechanical dimensions for HC49 (HC18/U) type xtal
Passive 72/144MHz frequency doubler with extra amplifier.
S042E/S042P circuit diagram
S042E/S042P test circuit.
Transition from BNC to conhex and vice-versa (75W)
White Noise generator I
White noise generator II
White Noise generator with MSA0304 booster amplifier

c14 Reflecties door LA8AK IV

Alternative high-input impedance amplifier
Amplifier for VLF signal generator
Calculating coil, capacitors, inductance
high input impedance amplifier using valves
info for winding coils

c18 CW keys, paddles and keyers
CW paddle has also a PTT-switch
Homebrew electronic keyer anno 1948
Morse paddle with PTT facility for simpler transmitter operation
OZ7AQ keyer solidstate anno 1965
Vibroplex keyer and paddles

c19 LA7MI 10.7MHz 50W IF termination with ZB-amplifier, MRF134, BLU99

c21 Reflecties door LA8AK - QRP tech notes

14/144MHz bi-directional mixer
Bilateral mixers
Ceramic resonator type VFO covers 3.500-3640kHz
Cohn type bandpass filter for 80m (LA7MI)
Connections for the most common small-signal transistors
make pcb patterns with dentist drill
info for winding coils
LA7MI 2-circuit 80m pre-selector
LM3909 LED Flasher.
RA3AAE low-cost bilateral mixer for 40/30/20m direct-conversion receiver.
Seiler type VFO constructed for the receiver
Simple broad band amplifier using BFR96
Simple broad-band amplifier using 2N3866 or 2N4427
Ultra Low-cost 14/144MHz RA3AAE-type bilateral mixer.

c22 Packet radio techik

c23 QRP technik, transmitters

c24 Coil constructions

c25 Simple cmos circuit construction

c42 technical note

LA7MI 4MHz variable bandwidth xtal filter based on negative impedance-amplifier.

c51 BCI/TVI filters

2m notch filters
Modification of Drake TV3300-LP
TVI filters

c61 shack problem
Storing components in the shack

c81 Hvordan frese ut printkort og montere SMD-komponenter

c96 Tekniske publikasjoner innholdsfortegnelse (index)

c97 technical note

Experimental saturable-core inductor using a ferrite bead and two electromagnetic relays
G3JIR used an electromagnetic relay to vary the permeability of an FT50-10 toroid for MF and HF
Low-frequency tuned circuits....
Radcom TT (G3VA) nr 12/2003 pp71-72
turns-cancelation tuning method described in ART6 (G3VA), pg 148-149.
Variable capacitor using 2x APT10059 high voltage mosfets

c98 Diverse komponenter til amatørradioformål.

c99 about coax connectors

Better to make yourself the transition you really need
BNC to Phono, LME M4 to BNC (homebrew).
commonly found coax connectors
Connectors for balanced audio cable are easy to convert to BNC type
HF-antenna selector panel using Fernsehen connectors
Homemade transistion from N to UHF
Homemade transition from BNC to 13mm HF Büschelstecker
Large Spinner to N-type.
N male to SMA female (homebrew), N female to SMA male, BNC male to SMC female (homebrew),
N to SMC (homebrew), BNC to Belling-Lee type (homebrew), PCA phono to BNC (homebrew),
notes about coax transitions
Probe for R&S NAD RF wattmeter (1000W 470-280MHz) uses large type dezifix connectors
Some German coax connectors from the 50...60's.
The most common Dezifix bisex connector (found on receivers, measuring equipment)
Transition to RCA phono
Transitions from BNC to conhex and vice-versa (75ohm)

d VHF/UHF/SHF Technik
d1 N/U
d2 (was d1) 2m ssb/cw techniques

28MHz transverter remote control boxes used for 6m, 70cm, 23cm operation.
2m pre-amplifier wiring
2nd harmonic filter for 2m transmitter
A low-noise pre-amplifier (BFT66) for 144MHz. Developped by DJ7VY
A suggested circuit diagram using relays instead of switching diodes
Complete 2m pre-amplifier with BFT66
Diode switch alternative for 144MHz
FT-221 modifications
Heliax LDF5-50 7/8" coax cable
MD951 relay with max 200W
Mechanical construction of the 2m preamplifier
Old pre-amp control board
Pre-amplifier control-box for 2m and 70cm.
Pre-amplifier control-box.
Remote controlled SHF Unit 23cm transverter
Rig selector and transverter selector unit
Simplified version transverter 28MHz remote control box
Some commonly found coax connectors.

VHF SSB/CW transverter with pre-amp and power amplifier

d3 UHF/SHF low noise LO source ideas,
SM7EQL Butler common-base xtal oscillator,
G4DDK 96MHz Butler osc (part of 1152MHz LO),
Butler xo with diode limiting (QEX),
Wenzel Associates power supply clean-up circuit for low-noise oscillators.

d6 (was d2) 6m techniques
6m PA using 2N6083 or 2N6084
6m transverter based on the PW Meon transverter with 2N6082 20W 19dB gain linear amplifier
Attenuator to use between transverter and PA to stabilize impedance and avoid instabilities
Bias regulator for 6m PA, R2 is current limiter for the base current.
Linear amplifier with EL509 (PL509) for 6m
My first 6m transverter, based on DJ6ZZ 2m TX-transverter board (UKW-Berichte)

d7 70cm and up
Microwave modules MMT432/28 component location
MMT432/28 external connections
d8 N/U

d11 10W 6cm GaAs-FET forsterkere, Sca VHF meeting juni 2003
d12 LA6LCA 144MHz high performance remote controlled transceiver, MRF134
d13 N/A- utgått
d14 Discussion about VHF receiver construction
d18 Converting 6GHz TWTA to 10GHz (RW89 and RW90)
d19 Microwave surplus parts
d21 Magnetic forsterkere for 100-150W PEP på 144 og 432MHz

d23 FuBA 2m valve Power amplifier 200W
Valves for shunt- and paralell type voltage regulators
Valves for screen voltage regulators

d24. 2m personsøkersendere (NEC)
d25. 2m personsøkersendere (Magnetic)
d26. Ericsson Compact 9000 utstyr og varianter
d27. Mitsubishi NMT450 equipment available for members of NRRL
d28. Nokia NMT450 equipment
d29 (b96) NMT900 Base stations
d31. Constructing VHF/UHF/SHF beacons
d32. VHF/UHF power modules for signal generators
d41 Feedhorns for 6 and 3cm bands
d91. Scandinavian VHF meeting 2003
d92. LA1T DXpedition to DR08a/JO37SX Skjernöy (Mandal)
d93. Local VHF/UHF/SHF-activities
d94. RL-trace Vealös-Teleskolen (LJ2I)
>d96 Using RX boards from NOKIA NMT900 Base stations for VHF/UHF receiver applications
d904 GaAs-fet forsterker info
DL0RT - Amateur radio experiments at "Astropeiler Stockert"

e German WW2 equipment - general information (under reconstruction)

ea further information
eb N/A
ec n/a
ed n/a
ee Not/Available

el Luftwaffe radio equipment
em Kriegsmarine radio equipment
ew Wehrmacht radio equipment
e11 (16j) Receiver Intermediate Frequency List
e12 (17a) German WWII RX data information
e13 (16j) RX IF list part 2, based on info from G3VA and other sources
e43 (43a) detectors in German receivers

e67 (17c) Minensuchgeräte und Wettersonde

MSGer Ff 42 - Minensuchgerät Frankfurt 42 [D587/2 1.4.43]
MSGer Tlhf 41 - Minensuchgerät Tempelhof 41 [D587/1 1.4.43]
SCR-625A Minensuchgeräte, -B, -C, -D, -E - [tnx DL1OY]
Wetter-Sonde PI-1139 (9,8MHz)

e71 Available books, info from US Army, info from DL6VW Werner Gierlach
e72 Content of Trenkle books
e73 Further info from English language books (Secret War, Lt. Henning: The High-Frequency War, Directory of G. Radar)
e74 Signal Bulletins
e76 Surplus equipment described in Electron, Radcom, Practical Wireless and some other publications
e77 Funkmeßgeräte-Entwicklung bei der C. Lorenz AG 1935-1945
e78 Index for Scandinavian articles about surplus equipment

e81 Wehrmachtröhren
RL2P3 (Telefunken), RL2T2 (Telefunken), LS50, GU50, GI7B
Reference data books.
Pictures of the following valves:
AF3, AF100, B442, D1F, E424N, LD5, LG1, LG3, LV1,
GU50, LS50, RL4,8P15, RL12P35, RL12P50,
RV2,4P700, RV12P2000

e811 Voltage regulators and barretters
e812 Calculated RX valve data

e86 Some info and data for German valves and later reinventions in MOCKBA, CCCP
e87 Dumpbuizen voor VHF en UHF (
not ready)
(e95) - now g22

e96 Nettdrift kraftforsyninger til tyske mottakere (mains psu's for German receivers)

Brumfri likereretter for surplusmottakerene Kw.E.a og Lw.E.a
Kraftforsyning NA6a (og NTG2) for KwEa og LwEa.
Kw.E.a. Kraftforsyning
NTG2 til KwEa, Avkopling av spenning fra stabrør
Rør for serie- og shunt-type spenningsregulatorer
Torn.E.b. kraftforsyning

e97 Power supplies for German WW2 receivers

LA6NCA 12V DC-DC mobile power supply unit
My version of the inverter mounted in a box with some extra noise filters
Regulated mains power supply for Luftwaffe receivers (EZ6, E10L, E10K)
Suggested mains power supply for Kw.E.a, Lw.E.a, Fu.H.E.c, Torn.E.b etc.

e98 WW2 types vs post-war radars

Tactical radar systems (Gordon L Adams G3LEQ)
radar frequencies.
'Cobra Mist' radar type ANIFPS-95
Russian 'Woodpecker'
Over-the-horizon type radar
Electronic Countermeasures
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FM-CW) radar
'Pulse Repetition Frequency' (PRF)
very effective 'Moving Target Indication' (MTI)
Pulse Doppler radar is a development of the Basic Pulse radar
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology
Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar (ROHTR) surface-to-surface HF system (ANITPS-71)
British radio station 'Sharq al-Adna'type S-300PMU-l TMD strategic air defence system

email "email info"
f Boatanchors for amateur radio (general information)
f11 (17d) B.A. Receiver data

f12 (17r) SSB conversion (RX) part I

AM/CW/SSB detector in Kw.E.a is the Audion-type
BFO circuit in Kw.E.a.
Lorenz 6P203 receiver on ssb
W5UOZ's product detector for HQ-129X (Hammarlund).(See CQ April 63)
Another well-proven product detector is found in Drake 2-B receivers
Hallicrafters S-40A's BFO drifts a lot, but may be easily cured
For his HRO, G3RZP fitted a simple product detector/BFO. He used a 6SJ7...
Plug-in Product detector for AR-88 (RCA) and similar receivers
Siemens 745 E310 receiver has 12AT7/ECC81 as detector/BFO
Eddystone EC10A Receiver: IF-output, detectors and 1st audio stage.
Product detector for Eddystone EC10A solidstate receiver using 40673

f13 (17s) SSB conversion (RX) partI II

Telefunken Spez 801 receiver has ACH1 as CW/AM detector and BFO
Telefunken Spez801 has an extra IF amplifier to feed the AGC-detector

f14 TX accessories, side tone oscillator/frequency control unit
f15 TX accesories (CW keying stage
f16 RX accessories (loadspeaker connection for German receivers)
f17 N/U
f21 surplus components
f22 Special equipment/accessories, Mains connectors for E52, NA6a, T9K39
f80 Innholdsfortegnelse for Hallo-Hallo (NRHF), NRHF-index
f90. Annonser og lignende (Advertisments, collected from old magazines)
f96 control-/suppressor-grid modulation (Modulator for AM-sender (norsk artikkel))
f97 Controlled Carrier Modulator (AB7YD)
[hp = antenna - N/U]

g (was Q) main page for diverse notes

g1. Power supplies

12.6V 4A power supply
14V 45A kraftforsyning
Constructional principles for power supplies
LM3909 LED Flasher.
Negative bias supply using NE556
Reusing PYE Cambridge power supply for some other surplus equipment

g2. Surplus Power Supply Notes (PSU)

LME BMN903231/2 -28V 50W regulator using swinging choke regulator
LME BMN903231/2 component locations
LME (EB) BMN903231/2 (unmodified)
LME BMN903331/2, -24V 130W supply

g3 Mains adapters / Batterieleminatorer
g4 Power supplies
g11 Tandberg Huldra 4

g21 Components and hardware, pupin coils (77 and 88mH)
g22 Undrer om mand nogen gang faar brug for dette
g23 LA7MI piston type attenuator for signal generator

g31. (was Q1) Various notes for BC receivers
g30 (was r) radio related topics

g32.(was Q2) BC receivers techniques and audio.

Berechnungsbeispiel des Volksempfängers (Germans listen to the furious)
Die-cast boxes in German consumer applications around 1950
Schaltung eines Zweiröhren-Batteriempfängers mit DAH50
UKW1c Vorsatzgerät zum Einbau in Geräte ohne UKW (anno 1949)
Zeichnerisches Beispiel des Empfängers mit zwei Röhren DAH50
Application of EF39/6K7 and RV12P2000 on +12 and 24V anode supply voltage.
Crystal set
Q multiplier shown in ARRL handbook 1939
Q-multiplier using 12AT7/ECC81
Q-multiplier using BF245
RIAA amplifier (Huldra 9) for record player
The hidden Q-multiplier in Radionette 'Kurér'.


g34 (was r21 and r22) Valve technik / Rørteknikk

14 og 28MHz testforsterker med EF39 eller 6K7.
DL3WP Wallman Converter for 2m. DARC-CQ/QRV (nr 8/1950)
Dårlige HF rør? - Var førkrigs rør så dårlige?
Radionette Kurer (fra rundt 1953)
Rørtype Raeq anodeimpedans(forsterkning)
Tandberg Huldra 4 - demanded shortwave BC receiver
teknikk med Radiorør
VHF cascodeforsterker med ECC85, separat spenning på hver rørhalvdel.
Basic figures for valve type IF-amplifiers
German Zwischenbasis-type-VHF-amplifier
Influence from detuning in grid circuit of an IF pentode EF89/6DA6
Twin-triode ECC84/6CW7 the most interesting cascode amplifier valve for +100V supply.
Zwischenbasisforsterker (enkel triode).

g35 N/A (was r22)

g36 (was r33) Communication receivers and DF equipment
Skanti R421 30ch.(78 xtal pos) xtal controlled receiver
Standard Telefon & Kabelfabrik PE-107-2 DF Receiver (250-550kHz, 1550-3850kHz)
MF peiler på LGZ (Østre Hauge)

g37 (was r34) IF standards

g41 AM quasi synchronous detectors

g42 Selcall- og tonedekodere

g43 Telegraph equipment
g44 telephones and accessories

German office telephone Emy41, bunker telephones, Jack stripe from German telephone switchboard, German field telephone (1933),
Schaltbild SB-Zusatz 33, basic circuit for balancing a telephone in a two-way circuit, 700W (800Hz) equivalent to a standard telephone subscriber line,
Telephone Subscriber switchboards, Riksvåpen for fjellstuer, agf/OS velger

g45 (was r41) RTTY- and CW-demodulation techniques

Slideback detector for better RTTY and CW detection
ATC for better RTTY and CW detection (Automatic threshold control), refr. ATC/DTC (Mainline TT/L RTTY terminal unit)
CW demodulator with S042P
CW demodulator with MC1496P
Telegraph receiver, DNRT model 1884
WT400 (Siemens)
David Andersen Relay tester
Technical Material Corporation Frequency shift converter type CFA (RTTY Terminal unit) anno 1950
German telegraph relays. (Trls43a )
XY-scope using Philips DH3-91
Det internasjonale fjernskriveralfabet nr 2
Siemens Impulsschreiber Fg.reg.2e (E&M-signal distortion instrument)

g49 (deleted), see g99
g50- Miscellaneous pages index

g51 Strangelous mountains

g56 (was r47) Antikknettet (Norsk Radiohistorisk forening)
g57 clandestine equipment. Olga, SST-1-D, Sweetheart 51'1,

g61 (was r11) Norwegian telegraph radio stations
g63 N/U
g64 Telekommunikasjon i Agder

Over horizon troposcatter radiolink stations
g91 Sandviksheia - cold war museum, Møvik, Vågsbygd
g96 Philips H2L/7 component list
g97 ISDN (Innovation Subscribers Don't Need)
g98 teknsike feilskrifter
g99 hjemmeside statistikk

k coast fortresses

k30 Tyske kystfort på Sørlandet
k31 Vest-Agder; Kristiansand-Søgne
k32 strekningen Mandal-Lyngdal
k33 strekningen Farsund-Flekkefjord
k34 Batteri Vara, Møvik (Vågsbygd), Kristiansand
k35 N/U
k36 Aust-Agder
k38 Knaben, MG-stillinger
k39 diverse bilder under redigering, bautasteiner fra nøytralitetsvakt, trygg motor Laksevika, Ørlandet, Trondenes, KGK was there,
k42 Min fars bilder fra Mandal 1940-46
k43 Engelsk raid på Ryvingen
(k48 N/U)
k49 Ryvingen og Norges sydligste punkt, Norway's southernmost point
k51 Tysk radar på Sørlandet
k52 tysk radar på Flekkerøy og radarteknikk, ref side 29a
k53 tyske radarer i Aust-Agder
k55a slettet, se a13
k56 radar og navigasjonsutstyr i Rogaland
k56a N/A - slettet, se a12
k57 radar i Königkerze (Kragerö)
k58 FluWa, Flugmeldedienst in Süd-Norwegen im Mai 1945, place name abbreviations, German radar positions
k59 WPG (varmepeileutstyr)
k61 German radiolink stations in Norway, reference page 33a
k89 kystvakthytter/Coast Guard cottages
k91 Funkverbindung zwischen den Peilstellen der Batterien "Hastholm II" und "Vara"

L VLF, MF and 136kHz equipment ideas

L1. VLF (136kHz) amateur-radio constructions

136kHz converter uses 40673 mixer, Clapp osc 195-199kHz.
136kHz converter with 74HC4066 mixer
mixer uses NE602, NE612, SA602 or SA612.
mixer uses S042P, carrier balance
Old level meters
Selektiver Pegelmesser/Selective voltmeter as VLF-RX (D2006)

L2. Antennas for VLF and 136kHz reception

136kHz test-antenna to check resonnance of a frame antenna
2nd type frame antenna for 136kHz
80m (160m) frame aerial, shown as a reference.
Accessories in the shack to operate the remote units
active aerial (LA7MI)
Active aerial amplifier with J310 (1) mounted in a Hensel D9025 plastic box
Active antenna using E280F
Amplifier for VLF signal generator
Antenna tuning meter for 136kHz (M0BMU)
Broadband antenna suggested for LF/MF-reception (PE1ABR)
Broadband distribution amplifier (30dB gain) with BFR96 and 2N3866
Calculating coil, capacitors, inductance:
Field strength measurements on LF (PAoSE)
high-input impedance amplifier
LF frame antennas (Aerials)
Magnetic antennas for reception on 136kHz, MF and HF
Noise generator for LF (page c13)
Recommended FRAME-ANT for 136kHz
Remote feed unit for active antenna: How the components are pushed into the boxactive antenna installation

m1 LC- and Q-meters

Boonton 260A Q-meter
build your own Q-meter
Build your own Q-meter calibration coils
Constructing RF transformer for a Q-meter
DC output voltage from germanium diode RF detectors
Edge-mounted p.c.b. tool
German LF/HF-coax connectors from the 50...60's.
Grid detector using 6AU6 used with Heath QM-1.
Heathkit QM-1. (140kHz-18MHz in 4 ranges)
Measuring small coil values
Notes for building your own Q-meter.
Poor man's Q-meter
Q-meter construction
Radiometer MM1f RF multimeter.
RCL-measuring instruments
The poor man's Q-meter


m2 RF termination, attenuators, dividers, RF-meters

2-way RF divider using transformer (LA7MI)
4-way RF divider
6-way RF divider, and n-way divider (LA7MI)
Building termination with standard components
Danbridge Decade Attenuator type DA3HS/D
Defective MI SHF power meter heads
General purpose high input impedance amplifier
Hi-Z RF amplifier
HP651B circuit
IR diode test receiver
LA7MI linear scale RF-mV meter for 0.01-1500MHz.
Linear RF detector
more power attenuators
Portable selective voltmeter
Power attenuators used for experiments on HF
Power Attenuator (25W 30dB)
Practical dummy-loads mounted on N-connectors.
Practical VHF/UHF Dummyload to build
[RF detector using germanium diodes (see page-m1)]
RF detectors using silicon diodes.
RF Level meter using Philips TDA1576
RF probe for RF mV-meter.
Rohde&Schwarts RBD 600MHz 30dB attenuator
Selective RF level meter
Selective" RF voltmeter for HF (two ranges) built in 1982
Sensitive RF detector in conventional design
Siemens D2006 Selective level meter (Selektiver Pegelmesser)
Siemens D2006 Sidetone modification.
SPM-3 (Wandel&Goltermann)
Surplus attenuators
TDA1576 (Philips) as level meter, has 70dB range.
TEKADE Träger-Frequenz Meßkoffer 5-155kHz
Very old LF selective level meter
VHF mixer for RF generator

m3 RF signal- and power generators

144MHz Power signal generator with variable output
144MHz signal booster for test purposes
80m Power generator using 6BQ5/EL84
R&S SMLM VHF power signal generator
SHF klystron type generator
Sweep generator
VHF signal generator for CW/SSB tests

m11 Grid dip meters, resonance-tester and xtal-testers

Dipmeter with single capacitor and coil without tapping (LA7MI)
Grid-Dip-Meter, Alternative modern version to the ...
Philips GM3121 Grid Dip Meter.
Resonance tester
Superregenerative UHF-Dip-meter (DL7HG)
Tech TE15 transistor-dip-meter.

UHF Dipmeter (DL7QY)
Simple xtal tester which works with a frequency counter.

m12 power- and VSWR-meters

Another 2m power meter
CB-type SWR-meter rebuilt for VHF/UHF
German coax connectors from the 50...60's.
More power ranges with Bird Model 43.
RF power/VSWR-meter (Rohde&Schwartz)
Rohde&Schwartz instrument of the higher price class, but unknown model. It has been used
Some cheaper "SWR" meters.
VHF power meter
VSWR bridge
VSWR coupler from discarded NMT900 BS

m13 accessories for measurements; RF probes

m21 Norwegian measuring instruments etc

Impedance Meter 252 (Amerikansk) - no data available(?)
Transitions from BNC to conhex and vice-versa (75ohm)
Tritron Frekvensteller TS - 1003 Mk2 (600MHz), TS-1004 (1000MHz) o.l.

m22 Old measuring instruments

Audio frequency spectrum analyzer anno 1939.
Information about valve testers
Philips GM7633 Cartomatic III
Radiometer Multimeter MM1f modification for better reading for 0.05-1µH inductance
TEKADE Träger-Frequenz Meßkoffer 5-155kHz

m23 noise generator and signal-to-noise metering

Higher level noise generator
Noise Figure calculation
Notchfilter (10MHz) to measure phase noise with a spectrum analyser (LA7MI)
Signal-to-noise ratio meter
White noise source for measurements

m31 LF measuring techniques

Audio bridge construction
Audio/LF impedance measuring instrument
Build your own LF/Audio instruments
LF/MF impedance measuring bridge
Test set-up to measure an audio transformer's impedance

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fhf Forsvarshistorisk forening Kristiansand
div-1. Montasje av ADSL utstyr
n11 curing emc on telephone lines
n12 ferrite transformers and linear amplifiers, measure DC saturation current of ferrite cores
n13 Remote controlled antenna switch
n14 Selecting transistors for bias regulator construction
n15 40W 80m PA-trinn med FETs
n16 SRA-1H mixer experiments, High level IF buffer amplifier
n17 Beregning av båndpassfiltre med 2 avstemte spolekretser
n18 oscillators
n19 oscillators and experiments with ceramic elements
n20 xtal oscillators
n21 PC-controlled Wavetek Model 3001 as sweep signal generator
n22 adjusting vhf/uhf circulators
n23 Lowcost xtalfilter construction
n31 diverse 2m surplus (FM)
n71 Repairing LwEa
n72 Feld.Fu.Bertha
n73 Feldfernsprecher und Frequenprüfgerät f
n81 RX techniques
n82 TX techniques
n86 xx
n91 about newsgroups
n92 diverse info om kabler etc

r11 Funkhorchempfänger c - Fu.H.E.c

(p) power supplies (=g4)

tom Det er mange alternativer om det føles belastende med navnet "Tom".

v1 Valve data
(v88 stf)
v91. General information, om norske og engelske rundkjøringer
v92 Santa
[z86 diverse notiser]

X information from other sites
-(x11) German radio operation in Finnmark (LA6NCA)
-(x12) German radio operation at Odderöy, Kristiansand (LA6NCA)

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