Storing components in the shack
Lagring av komponenter i shack'en

It is many ways to waste time and money, and everybody has probably received a lot of useless advices
for expensive tools which later showed to be a bad experiense which didn't work. One such is the use of
Raaco reols. I recently expanded the use, but very soon discovered that only too little room was gained,
and in fact the house was too small for such application. So it was a much better idea to remove everything
and use sortimentsboxes. The strange thing is that they seem to be made in Israel, but very different boxes
were available at different shops. In Denmark the price was DKK 25-40,- while in Norway the price at
Claes Ohlsson was NOK120 (3-5 times the price in Denmark). But lately I found some boxes of reasonable
good quality for NOK20,- at Euro-price and decided to buy a douzen of these. Some boxes has earlier
been available at Biltema (NOK 60,-), but unfortunately cannot be found any more, they were usually
somewhat cheaper, but well satisfactory for my application.
So in case you can't find those at Euro-price, it would be a good idea to think of when you visit some of the
more civilized countries in Europe.

If you find old Philips trays for capacitors and resistors (upper right side of the picture) these are very good
for certain types, I've also have a German cupboard for needles and sewing threads for the same purpose,
but resistors you use many of during a year is best kept in the original boxes with 1000 items and have
the resistors hanging down, so you just pull down a few more when you need some (see upper left
side of the picture).
SMD components should be kept in small trays you buy a the chemist for tablets.

Skuffe for trådsneller

IKEA sortimentskuffe
Philips komponentskuffe

Tysk kommode for trådsneller
(tnx to LA8LW)
Philips system (modifisert)

A useful book for finding VHF/UHF circuit diagrams and components (SSB Electronics 1984)