m22. Old measuring instruments - XXII

C. Technical reflections (Reflecties door LA8AK)
F) Surplus equipment
L. VLF, MF and 136kHz equipment ideas

m1. LC and Q-meters
m2. RF detectors, level meters, attenuators, dummy loads, signal dividers
m3. RF signal- and power generators
m11 Grid dip meters
m12 Power- and VSWR-meters
m21 Norwegian instruments
m23. Signal-to-noise-meter
m31. LF/Audio instruments


Audio frequency spectrum analyzer anno 1939.
In Electronics November 1939 pg. 76-77 is an article with "Diagrammic representation of the functioning of the audio frequency
spectrometer. Only one bandpass-filter is shown although twenty-seven are employed in practice, The spectrum appears on the screen
of a cathode ray tube.


Radiometer Multimeter MM1f modification for better reading for 0.05-1µH inductance


TEKADE Träger-Frequenz Meßkoffer 5-155kHz (later German term is Selektiver Pegelmesser),
Suppose this is the first selective voltmeter ever made. They were used to measure levels on multi-channel
carrier frequency systems. One such instrument were placed in Kristiansand, another in Arendal since it was
subsea coaxial cables to Denmark, believe it was a 15-channel system (MG15) during the war and many years after.
See Die deutschen Funknachrichtenanlagen Band2 "Der Zweite Weltkrieg" pg139

See application on pg-33b, pg-k61 and pg-k62

TEKADE Träger-Frequenz Meßkoffer (Circuit diagram)


Philips GM7633 Cartomatic III
Old tube testers and other instruments, see http://www.one-electron.com/FC_TestEquipment.html

Nolan Lee's site for tube testers


Felix Martin, Optician & Compass adjuster, Prospect Place, Swansea
Repetition course in navigation 1894