B. Amateur radio equipment

Operational style varies a lot

QRA: LA8AK, Jan-Martin Noeding, QTH: N-4623 Kristiansand, Norway.

Skanti R421

c. Amateur radio technical experiments
d VHF/UHF/SHF technical experiments
f. Radio surplus equipment for AR
f 12 SSB conversion for surplus RX I
f 13 SSB conversion for surplus equipment II
b 9 . Key click problems and importance of intelligibility - even on SSB!
..... f14 Solving CW sidetone problems
..... f15 Solving CW keying problems

b 2 Mod. link(s) to other site(s) (TS950SDX)
b 21 Yaesu FT-901/902 Mods
b 23: Yaesu FT-7 mods
b 25 Icom IC-202 2m SSB/CW transceiver, and IF for microwave transverters
b 29 Trio/Kenwood TS500, TR7010, VFO-40
b 31 Early Drake receivers 1-A, 2-A, 2-B
b 32 Drake transceiver mods TR-4
b 33. Drake R-4C receiver mods
b 34 Collins 51 J
b 35. Collins 51 S mods
b 36 Heath-Kit mods MR-1, SB-300, SB-301
b 26 Yaesu/Sommerkamp transmitter FL-dx-500/FL-dx-400 (FL-200B)
b 51 Yaesu FT-101B, FT-225 FT726
b 52. Sommerkamp FT-250, Tempo One, Yaesu FT-200
b 71 Lorenz postwar communication receiver 6P203
b 72 Siemens Rainbow receiver Funk 745 E310
b 73. Racal RA 17 SSB/CW product detector mod.
b 88 Atlas 210-X problems and cures
b 89 Datong speech processor board and Timewave DSP-9
b 90. Salora 2m VHF transceiver mods SRP25C (SRP24C)
b 91. SRA C-400 and C-500 VHF series rig mods, and 10m FM conversion for C-502
b 92. Storno 2m CQM/CQP612 mods and practice
b 93 10MHz mod references, HW-101 (FT-101, FT-dx-401)
b 95 PYE mods R18FM, R17FM, T30FM, W15FM, Europa
b 97 Shinwa 70cm rig mods MA452
b 99 AP-2000 70cm (Norwegian text article, figures missed)

c 21 QRP notes
e 11. RX Intermediate Frequency list I (German)
e 12 German WWII RX data information
e 13. RX Intermediate Frequency list II (non-German) [by G3VA and other]
f 11 B.A. Receiver data
f 90. Annonser og lignende (Advertisments, collected from old magazines)
n 91 What do you know about technical news- and discussion groups?
..........n 21 PC-controlled Wavetek Model 3001
g 36. Radio communication and D.F. receivers (Skanti HF receiver)
g 35 Re-developped valve technique and applied in solidstate design
......g 34 Valve technik
......g 57 Norwegian clandestine radio transceiver "Olga"

61 American surplus equipment
62. National HRO-50T +++
63 English WW2 surplus equipment
994 technical topics index
c 96 technical articles in different magazines (download)

Japanese Katakana morse alfabet (PA3FBF/PA0SE, Electron pp533 10/94)

Please excuse me, this room was meant for manuals, but just got a lot of surplus equipment...

VT4C, 100TH, RL12P35, 1616, 4E27, 7402
282B, 801, STV280/80, KT61, 4-65A, PL36, 6080,
807, PE06/40E, PE06/40P, VT100, 807 (Tungsram), 843, 6L6,
EBL1, UBL1, PX25, 6130, 6146B, F2a, PL519

Swapped an 84-model RX for a converted 69-model FL-dx-500

Somebody prefer somewhat more modern surplus equipment....

This site is all about a hobby, not money...... about providing manuals, see page b 8, you should also read the note on pg 97 .

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