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E/Loc: DS80b (WW-loc square JO38)

VHF/UHF/SHF SSB/CW Experiments

List of VHF/UHF/SHF pages:
c. Amateur radio technik experiments
a71. VHF/UHF Antennas
a72) Info om LA8WF's vinkeldipol for SSB/CW mobilkjøring
c51 TVI filters for HF and VHF
heliax cable

d2. 2m CW/SSB technik
d4. Forskjellig VHF/UHF teknikk (bygging av PA-trinn) (VHF/UHF Power Amplifiers)
d6. 6m CW/SSB techniques
d7. 70cm CW/SSB technik
d11: 10W 6cm GaAs-FET forsterkere, Sca VHF meeting juni 2003
d12. LA6LCA 144MHz high performance remote controlled transceiver
c19. LA7MI 10.7MHz 50W IF termination with ZB-amplifier
d14. Discussion about VHF receiver construction
d18. Converting 6GHz travelling wave tube amplifier to 10GHz (RW89 and RW90)
d19. Microwave surplus parts
d21 TU813 Magnetic forsterkere for 100-150W PEP på 144 og 432MHz
d23 FuBA 2m valve Power amplifier (YL1070) as 200W 144MHz amplifier
d24. 2m personsøkersendere som surplus (NEC)
d25. 2m personsøkersendere som surplus (Magnetic PBS817)
d26. Ericsson Compact 9000 utstyr og varianter
d27. Mitsubishi NMT450 equipment available for members of NRRL
d28. Nokia NMT450 equipment available for members of NRRL
d29 Using RX boards from NOKIA NMT900 Base stations for VHF/UHF receiver applications
d31. Constructing VHF/UHF/SHF beacons
d41. Constructing feedhorns for 6 and 3cm bands
d91. Scandinavian VHF meeting 2003 (GaAs-fet TX forsterker)
a2. NMT450 antenner

c42 Const. gain - var. selectivity xtal filter for 4MHz using neg. resistance amplifier
c92. LA1T DXpedition to DR08a/JO37SX Skjernöy (Mandal)
d93. Local VHF/UHF/SHF-activities
d94. RL-trace Vealös-Teleskolen (LJ2I)
e98 Tactical radar systems
m Measuring instruments
n21 PC-controlled Wavetek Model 3001 for HF/VHF/UHF
n22 adjusting vhf/uhf circulators

n91 What do you know about technical news- and discussion groups?
DL0RT - Astropeiler Stockert (Read about the interesting site we have for microwave EME operation...and social activity...)
First EME Echoes ever experienced, see K51
994 technical topics index (List of electronic regarded topics)
c96 List of technical articles in different magazines (download)
d95 Ånnaboda VHF meetings (earlier)
d96 andre skandinaviske VHF meetinger (ikke ferdig)
n31 diverse 2m surplus (FM)
OZ1HDA Erik's Vejrstation i Vrensted

Fot  those who are interested: The documents for the IARU R1 VHF/UHF/Microwave committee meeting in Wien can be read at

DUBUS Technik
au von Geräten

Örebro Sändaramatörer
(Ånnaboda VHF meeting)

DUBUS magazine and DUBUS-Technik books
DUBUS Archives 1982-1992


Memory keyer (K3CU), HB9ABO elbug and timer/PTT-switching for CWMS-operation up to 2000LPM
built around 1980, and reconstructed some years later, see DUBUS Tech II (1984) pp 301-305.