Rallies and meetings

Salg av radioutstyr på gruppemøte i Sandnesgruppen 2004.11.17

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Scandinavian Hamvention in Göteborg 2003.04.26/27
Scanham or SK6AG
Swedens reply to Friedrichshafen? Perhaps not as large as Odense meeting,
.......or NRHF auctions in Oslo?

Some operational EH-antennas were shown

Some Swedish art of engineering - a smaller trimmer capacitor across each tuning capacitor corrects the tuning

SM6FSK and SM6ESG were there, too

About Surplus meeting in Germany.

Received this info from Franz  DK5CB:

Just for your information, but maybe you already know about:
There is a military surplus fleemarket in Germany every year.
This year it took place for the 5.time and it happened in
Mellendorf (must be nr Hannover in N-Germany), but April-12 (2003)
has passed unfortunately. I cannot tell you the amount of
electronic parts there, but I'm afraid that a considerable part of
the stuff is military clothing and equipment but not electronics

see http://www.oldtimeradio.de/otr_tauschmarkt.htm



g22) ...just wonder if I ever find a use for this, but I hate trade!