VLF experiments

Alexanderson alternator
Grimeton Radio/SAQ 200kW 17,2kHz (Mode: A1A)
Picture from QSL-card for report on 2002-06-30 (RST 599)
see further notes below about transmissions on July 4th.

c. Technical reflections (Reflecties door LA8AK)
L.1 VLF, MF and 136kHz equipment ideas
L.2 Aerials for VLF and 136kHz
L90 136kHz VFO suggestion
m. Measuring instruments
m2 Modification of Siemens D2006 level meter for LF CW operation
c97 Technical ideas to discuss

994 technical topics index
GBR on 16kHz is QRT, read the story at http://tx.mb21.co.uk/rugby/

Remotely tuned loop antennas

Remote fed active antenna

136kHz converter

The 17.2kHz ALEXANDERSON alternator CW transmissions on 2004-07-04

08:30 UTC
10:30 UTC 
12:30 UTC

The UNESCO Committee will have a meeting in Beijing, China in the last week of June, and will then decide whether Grimeton Radio will be included in The World Heritage List, or not. So the message sent on Sunday July 4th will include information about the result. We keep our fingers crossed!
The Radio Station will be open to visitors 10:00-16:00 Swedish time.
The number of visitors has increased noticeably during the last years, from 300 to 500 and last year to almost 800. The weather has been extremely good, so far.
We have had some problems with the keying of the transmitter last years and hope it will be better now. "Dots" has been missing quite often (not the operators fault!!).

The amateurs will operate a transmitter with the call "SA6Q" on 20 meter band during the day: 14.035 MHz CW and 14.215 MHz SSB

QSL for both "SAQ" and "SA6Q" via:
E-mail: info@alexander.n.se
Fax: +46-340-674195

Mail: Alexander - Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner, Radiostationen, Grimeton 72,
or via SM-bureau.

For further info see our web site: www.alexander.n.se


It was heard all over the world in 2003, and very strong in Italy, here in South Norway it was 0.5mV on my active antenna, still it was severe difficulties to receive it because of a lot of interference signals close to the signal. It can't be pointed strong enough that you may not have a chance to hear it without a rather shart cw filter. My Siemens D2006 level meter has 80Hz bandwidth filter, but the problem was high pitch - 1800Hz, so some modication had to be carried out before it could be used to receive such signal.