e11. German Receiver short data and IF list (1)

e12 Data for German radio communication receivers
e13 IF list for other radio communication receivers
f11 Data for other radio communication receivers
e86 German valves and later reinventions in MOCKBA, CCCP
g37 IF standards
f12 SSB conversion notes
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f17 surplus components
e. German radio communication equipment
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Note: ZF (Zwischenfrequenz) = IF (intermediate frequency) = MF (mellomfrekvens)

E4a (more info)
E51 Leipzig 40-1600kHz
E52a Köln T8K44 1.5-25.0MHz ZF:1000kHz 10x RV12P2000 2x RG12D60 STV140/60Z
E52b Köln 1.5-25.0MHz ZF:1MHz 10x RV12P2000 2x RG12D60 STV140/60Z
E53 Ulm 23.7-70MHz ?x RV12P2000
E54 Ulm B 21.0-120MHz 10x RV12P2000?
EO 4139 "(Netz)Lore" 1.5-24MHz EF13 ECH11 EF12 EF13 EF12 EB11 EF12 EL11 ZF:1240kHz
E0 5855 "Batterie-Lore" 150-3250kHz 5x RE074
EO 8268 Schwabenland 1.5-25.0MHz 11x RV12P2000 STV150/20 Te30 ZF: 1240kHz, see Ln21021
EO 10175 "(Netz)Lore" 75-1500kHz ZF:60kHz
EO 49644/I 1939 2.9-25.5MHz 8*RV12P2000
E10K 3.0-6.0 MHz ZF: 1600kHz (1460kHz?) 8* RV12P2000
E10L 300-600kHz ZF: 160kHz 8*RV12P2000
E16 s. FuG16 ?7*RV12P2000 ZF: 3.1 MHz
E381S 15kHz-20MHz, RES094, 3x RE084 Allwellenempfänger
ER1a ZF: 468KHz [SEI] Allwellenempfänger
EZ2 (PeilG 4) 165-1000kHz
EZ4 (PeilG V(5)) 250-400 kHz
EZ6 (PeilG 6) Zielflugempf. 200-1200kHz ZF 130kHz 7x RV12P2000 1*STV150/15?

Feld.Fu.a1 0.15W 120-156MHz RV2P800 SD1A RL2P3
Feld.Fu.b 0.15W 90-110MHz
Feld.Fu.b1 0.15 90-110MHz
Feld.Fu.b2 0.1 90-110MHz (Beschr.:Funknachrichtenanlagen s.31
Feld.Fu.c 0.15 130-160MHz
Feld.Fu.f 0.15W 28.0-33.0MHz
Feld.Fu.h 0.15W 23.1-25.0MHz (Funknachrichtenanlagen s.30
Kl.Fuspr.d 0.2W 32.0-38.0MHz 2x RL1P2 DDD25 (Funknachrichtenanlagen s.33)
Fusprech.a 24.11-25.01MHz 6x RV12P2000 RL12P10 12V/300V Umformer SEU a.
Fusprech.d 23.11-24.01MHz 6x RV12P2000 RL12P10 12V/300V Umformer SEU.a.
Fusprech.f 19.99-21.47MHz HF:1.2W NF:3-4W - Valves as above

FuBl 2F Funklandeanlage
FuG01 DMG2T 1936 475-525MHz 150mW RX/TX RV2P800 2x RL2T2 2x DS310
FuG02 DMG3K 1938 476-526MHz 50mW RX/TX 4x RV12P4000 1x RL12T15 ..?
FuG03 1942 1250-1400MHz (0.8W)(10x Tn/Tg TF-Kn) ZF:6.0/1.0MHz RD12Ma RD12Ta ..?
FuG.10 S10K S10L E10K E10L EZ6 (SK3)
FuG.10K2 (Sender) 6-12MHz 70W RL12P35 2x RL12P35
FuG.16.. (E16 S16 BG16) 38.5-42.3MHz
Fug.16ZS (E16ZS S16ZS BG16ZS ZVG16ZS) 40.3-44.7MHz
FuG.17 42.15-47.75MHz (S17 BG17 E17)
FuG.22 Leitstrahl Doppelempf.G 66-77MHz
FuG.25a Kenngerät ZF: 7MHz S:160MHz E: 125MHz
FuG.28a Leitstrahlempfänger 42.15-47.75MHz 9*RV12P2000 STV70/6
FuG.101a Funk.Feinhöhenmesser 337-400MHz 0-150-750m LD2 RV12P2001
FuG.102 Funk Grosshöhenmesser 182MHz 0-5-10-15km 2*LD2 RV12P2000

FuHEa 1939 75-857kHz 10x RV2P800
FuHEb 1939 857-3750kHz 11x RV2P800
FuHEc/c1 1939 3.75-25MHz 10x RV2P800 ZF: 1875kHz
FuHEd/d1 1939 ZF: 3MHz 24.5-61.0MHz 12x RV2P800
FuHEe 1940 ZF: 17MHz 60-151MHz 13x RV2.4P700
FuHEf 1943 145-305MHz 8x MF6 4675 3x 4676
FuHEu/u1 1940 0.75-25MHz ZF:470kHz 9x RV2P800 (Hagenuk)
FuHEv 1942 ZF: 3.25MHz 24.0-160MHz 8x RV2.4P700 SD1A
FuHEv1 1943 ZF: 3.25MHz 24.0-160MHz 8x RV2.4P700 SD1A
FuPEa/b 75-3750kHz

GB16 (FuG16 Bediengerät) (Modulator) 2x RV12P2000
Ha5K39 1939 3.0-6.0MHz 4x RV12P2000 RL12P10
Ha5K39a/b/c 1939 2.0-5.0MHz
Ha15K42 1942 3.0-6.0MHz 6x RV12P2000 LS50
JO20K42 E: EF8 ECH3 EF9 2*EBF2 EF9 EM4 EL2 S: 4*4695 N: 5*AZ12
Körting KST 185kHz-45MHz ZF:468kHz (HRO Senior)
EBF11 2*EF11 3*EF13 2*EF14 EL11 AZ1, 220V Glimmröhre
Lo 1UK35 1934 41.55-45.75MHz 0.7W 6x RV2P800 RL2T2 ZF: 7.5MHz
Lo 6L39 1939 75-1500kHz 8x RV12P2000 STV150/20 TE30
Lo 6K39 1939 1.5-25.0MHz 8x RV12P2000 STV150/20 TE30
Lo10UK39 (se Fug17) 1938 37.55-45.75MHz 9x RV12P2000 2x RL12P35 ZF: 6MHz
Ln21021 Schwabenland ZF 1240kHz, 1,5-25MHz in 8 bands, 11x RV12P2000 STV150/20 Te30 BFO: 1241kHz, see EO 8268

KwE.a 24b-328 E454 Bs 980-10200kHz 11x RV2P800 ZF:250.9kHz BW: 1.8-12kHz 2x TE30
LwE.a 24b-314 E440 Bs 75- 1525kHz 8x RV2P800 ZF:60.9kHz BW:85-8000Hz 2x TE30
Mw.E.c 830-3000kHz 9x RV12P2000 Zf: 352kHz

Radione R2 ZF: 460kHz - EF13 ECH11 EF12 2*EBC11 EDD11 EZ11
Radione R3 ZF: 460kHz 2.5-25.0MHz - EF13 ECH11 EF12 2*EBC11 EDD11 EZ11
Radione R3a ZF: 460kHz 1.2-3.0 MHz
Radione R3b ZF: 460kHz 200-1600kHz
Radione RS20 20W Sender 3.0-14.6MHz LV1 LS50 LV1(Mod)
RP19 Kurzwellen Abhorchgerät 1939 1.150-15.5MHz 4x LP9, 3x LP10, LP11 Ostmarkwerk
RP20 Langwellen Abhorchgerät 1939 15-1200kHz 2x LP17, LP18 LP19 LP29 LP33 Ostmarkwerk
SADIR R87C (French) 36.5-66.6MHz 2*4671(955) 4*4672(954) 3*6K7 6L7 6Q7 EL3
Spez 801 2/37 (Telefunken) ZF: 600, 1,5-23MHz
T7KL39 E533S Ruhr 166-1428kHz/3.3-20.0MHz 6x 12P2000 3x 12P2001 2x RL12P10 ZF:1875kHz?
T8K44 "Köln" (see E52)
T8L39 E532S Wupper 75-1520kHz 6x RV12P2000 3x RV12P2001 ZF: 1875kHz
T8PL39 Martin 75-860kHz, ZF: 60,9kHz
T9K39 E517S Main 1938? 1.5-25.0MHz ZF: 730kHz 6x RV12P2000 4x RV12P2001 STV100/25Z TE30

Torn E.b/24b-305 96- 7095kHz 4x RV2P800 (anm.1 side 11)
Torn E.b: m/42C 195-15430kHz 4x RV2.4P700 (export version to Sweden)
m/42 A, B (=TornEb): 96-175, 175-310, 305-555, 540-990, 960-1740, 1680-3070, 2920-4820, 4360-7090kHz
m/42 C: 195-365, 350-660, 635-1200, 1160-2180, 2110-3790, 3670-6140, 5920-9900, 9360-15430kHz

Tornisterempf. EO3426 0.11-10.3MHz
Tornistersuper EO5078/I 1.37-25.3MHz (0.1-7.8MHz)
Torn Fu.a = SEa2/ 24b-202
Torn Fu.b1 LSE 1/24b-201 1935 0.65W 3.0-5.0MHz E:3.0-6.5MHz 8x RV2P800 RL2P3
Torn Fu.c /LSE1 24b-205 S:1.5-2.3MHz E:1.5-2.6MHz
Torn Fu.d2 24b-212 1936 33.8-38.0MHz 8x RV2P800 RL2T2 ZF: 2.1MHz TSE1/210 (ASE113)
Torn Fu.f LSE1 24b-211 S:4.5-6.66 E:3.0-6.66
Torn Fu.k 1942 S:4.5-6.7 E:3.0-6.7 3x RL2.4P3 6x RV2.4P700
Torn Fu.g 1942 1.5W S:2.5-3.5MHz 2x RL2.4P3 5x RV2.4P700
Torn Fu.h 1942 0.1W 23-25MHz N*RV2,4P700
Torn Fu.t 2.5-3.0MHz 3*RL2,4P3 5*RV2,4P700
Torn Fu.i 1943 RL2.4P3 RL4.2P6 9x RV2.4P700
Torn Fu.h 1941 23.1-25MHz 10x RV2.4P700
Torn.Ukw.E.f 1939 42.1-47.8MHz 5xRV2.4P700
Torn.Ukw.E.g 39.4-47.1MHz

Ukw-E.b1 24b-309 1937 25.0-27.2MHz 9x RV12P4000
Ukw-E.c1 LE/326 27.2-33.3MHz 8x RV12P4000 130V 30mA
Ukw-E.d 1937 42.1-47.8MHz 8x RV12P4000 130V 30mA
Ukw-E.d1 1939 42.1-47.8MHz (Fug17) 9x RV12P2000 STV100?
Ukw-E.e 1937 27.2-33.0MHz 7x RV12P4000 ZF: 3MHz (more info)
Ukw-E.f=Torn.Ukw-E.f 1939 42.1-47.8MHz 5x RV2.4P700
Ukw-E.h 1941 23.0-24.95MHz 7x RV12P4000
Ukw-E.m 40.3-47.0MHz
Ukw-E.g 39.6-45.0MHz
Ukw- Gelbstrich-Geräte 1.3.40 (see: (4) pp109)

ZVG10 (FuG.10 ) 6-12 MHz 4*RV12P2000 Zielflug Vorsatz Gerät
ZVG16 (FuG.16ZE) 37.8-47.8MHz 4*RV12P2000 Zielflug Vorsatz Gerät
ZVG17 (FuG.17 ) 42.1-47.7MHz 4*RV12P2000 Zielflug Vorsatz Gerät
ZVG24 (FuG.24 ) 30.0-45.0MHz 4*RV12P2000 Zielflug Vorsatz Gerät

15WSE.a 3.0-7.5MHz 3x RL4.8P15 9x RV2.4P700 320V 140/200mA, 4.8V 2.6A, 2.4V 0.6A, 100V 10mA
15WSE.b 3.0-7.5MHz 3x RL4.8P15 9x RV2.4P700 (Feldfernschreiber Betrieb) ZF:750kHz
more specific info on
page 31a


Philips CR-101 IF: 750kHz 1,5-30MHz
Philips H2L/7 (Berlin) B442 (H410D), B424(RE084K), B424(RE084K), B424 8073 4371 (See page e12)
Philips H.M.Z.L.34/KII RX [Originally VO34 (Vliegtuig Ontvanger)] ZF=280kHz (See page e12)
CR101 (Philips) EF8, EF9, ECH3, EBF2, EBF2, EBF2, EBF2, EM4, , IF=750kHz, Range: 1.5-30MHz
DR25b, DR38, DR42, DR78, DR85, DRG4 - see page 23r
WR1-P (Philips, Valvo) Rudi ZF:468kHz DCH25 2*DF25 DAC25 DC25 DDD25

Radione R2(a) 157-410kHz, 517-1500kHz, 6-18MHz EF13 ECH11 EF12 EBC11 EBC11 EDD11 EZ11
Radione R2c R2d R2e (ref. 3 s.172)
SEIBT ER 1 0.1-22MHz ZF: 468kHz AK2 AF3 AC2 ABC1 AM2 AL5 AZ12
SEIBT ER 1a 0.1-22MHz ZF: 468kHz AK2 AF3 AC2 ABC1 AM2 AL5 AZ12
Telefunken AE1093 0.11-22MHz

Radione ER2 157-410/517-1500kHz, 6-18MHz ZF468kHz EF13 ECH11 EF12 2*EBC11 EDD11 EZ11
BRA ER3 ZF: 472kHz DCH11 DF11 DAF11 DL11

WR1-T (Telefunken) ZF:468kHz DCH11 2*DF11 2*DAF11 DDD11
WR2 ZF:?? DCH11 2*DF11 DAF11 DL11
WR kl.batt.- ZF:468kHz DCH11 2*DF11 DAF11 DL11
Minerva 499SH 72.5-27600kHz 6x E..11

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