f13 - SSB Conversion II

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The Telefunken Spez 801 receiver [1936] has ACH1 as CW/AM-detector and BFO

Spez 801 receiver has ACH1 as detector and BFO

Telefunken Spez801 receiver AGC. It has an extra IF amplifier to feed the AGC-detector,
two time-constants, and some AGC delay (meaning that a certain signal level must be present
before the AGC starts) using the resistors 211-212-212a.
The AGC line is also divided into two legs - as found in Drake TR-4, 2-A, 2-B etc
Note that signal diodes are drawn the wrong direction, it often happened on German circuit
diagrams before 1950, they obviously didn't know which was right, hi!

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