25d. Tornisterfunkgeräte.d2 - VHF AM transceiver

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e12 Data for German communication receivers
25a Notes about restoring Torn.Fu.b1/Torn.Fu.c/Torn.Fu.f (in Norwegian)
25b Modification of Torn.Fu.b1 (Net RX to TX frequency in the field) (Norwegian text)
25f . Vb.K (Fbg.bf) Fernbesprechzusatz (remote control unit for Tornisterfunkgeräte)
25h Lo1UK35
n72 Feldfu. "Bertha"


Space for accessories below

The transceiver without cabinet

Torn.Fu.d2 AM transceiver 33.8-38MHz, IF=2.1MHz,
TX: 2x RV2P800 + RL2T2
RX: 6x RV2P800

Torn Fu.d2 vs Lo1UK35
Lo1UK35 uses RX-RF-valve as mike-amplifier, while Torn.Fu.d2 uses the RX audio amplifier.

Rear view


Tornisterfunkgeräte.d2 VHF AM transceiver
This is the largest rig carried by one soldier in Wehrmacht

Fernbesprechung mit der Feldfernsprecher 33

Torn.Fu.d2/24b-212. Model sign-plate



Data for RL2T2, see page e81

You may also find the manual for the Tornister-Funkgerät d2 at BAMA, see
The document is in deja-vu format.

-.d2 Handbook

page 28c for power supply considerations using different rigs with the same power supply cables

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