e13. Surplus receiver short data and IF list II

e11 German radio communication receiver short data and IF list - I
e12 Data for German radio communication receivers
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f12 SSB conversion notes
g37 IF standards
e86 German valves and later reinventions in MOCKBA, CCCP
e German radio communication equipment
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Collins 51J3(R388/URR) IF: 11.5-10.5MHz, 3.5-2.5MHz, 500kHz
Collins 51S-1 (0,2-1, 1-2), 2-30MHz IF: 500kHz, 3-2MHz, 14,5-15,5MHz, see more notes on page b35
Collins 75A1 IF: 1.5-2.5MHz tunable 500kHz, 80, 40, 20, 15, 11 & 10m
Collins 75A2 IF: 1.5-2.5MHz tunable 455kHz
Collins 75A3 IF: 1.5-2.5MHz tunable 455kHz
Collins 75A4 IF: 1.5-2.5MHz tunable 455kHz
Collins 75S1 IF: 2.955-3.155MHz tunable 455kHz
Collins 75S3 IF: 2.955-3.155MHz tunable 455kHz
Collins KWM-1 IF: 3.9-4.0MHz tunable 455kHz
Collins KWM-2 IF: 2.955-3.155MHz tunable 455kHz

Davco DR30 IF: 2.405-2.955MHz(tunable), 455kHz

Drake 1-A IF: 2.9-3.5MHz tunable, 1100kHz 50kHz
Drake 2-A IF: 3.5-4.1MHz tunable, 455kHz, 50kHz
Drake 2-B IF: 3.5-4.1MHz tunable, 455kHz, 50kHz
Drake 2-C IF: 3.5-4.1MHz tunable, 455kHz, 50kHz
Drake RR-1 IF: 5645kHz, 50kHz
Drake R-4A IF: 5645kHz, 50kHz
Drake R-4B IF: 5645kHz, 50kHz
Drake R-4C IF: 5645kHz, 5595, 50kHz
Drake SPR-4 IF: 5645kHz, 50kHz
Drake TR-3 IF: 9MHz
Drake TR-4 IF: 9MHz separate LSB/USB filters
Drake TR-4C IF: 9MHz separate LSB/USB filters
Drake TR-22C IF: 10.7MHz, 455kHz
Drake TR-33C IF: 10.7MHz, 455kHz

Eddystone 358 IF 450kHz
Eddystone 504 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 556 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 640 IF: 1600kHz
Eddystone 659 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 670 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 680 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 710 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 740 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 750 IF: 1620kHz, 85 kHz
Eddystone 770U IF: 50MHz, 5.2MHz
Eddystone 830 IF: 1250-1450kHz, 100kHz
Eddystone 840 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 880/2 IF: 2.5-3.5/3.5-4.5MHz, 500kHz
Eddystone 888 IF: 1620kHz, 85kHz
Eddystone 940 IF: 450kHz
Eddystone 990R IF: 10.7MHz
Eddystone 990S IF: 36.5MHz
Eddystone 1000 IF: 455kHz
Eddystone 1002 IF: 455kHz(FM); 10.7MHz (FM)
Eddystone 1004 IF: 720kHz
Eddystone 1005 IF: 720kHz
Eddystone 1830 IF: 1.3-1.4MHz, 100kHz
Eddystone EC958 IF: 1.235-1335MHz, 250kHz, 100kHz
Eddystone ECR IF: 465kHz
Eddystone EA12 IF: 1.1-1.7MHz tunable, 100kHz
Eddystone EC10 IF: 465kHz
EICO 753 IF: 5200kHz

GEC BRT400 IF: 455kHz
GEC BRT402 IF: 455kHz
GEC RC410R IF: 1.6MHz, 100kHz

Geloso G207DR IF: 4.6MHz, 467kHz
Geloso G209R IF: 4.6MHz, 467kHz

Hallicrafters Sky Buddy(early) IF: 465kHz
Hallicrafters Sky Buddy(S19R) IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters Sky Champion(early) IF: 465kHz
Hallicrafters Sky Champion (S20R) IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters Sky Challenger S(X)15 IF: 465kHz
Hallicrafters Sky Challenger II S(X)18 IF: 465kHz
Hallicrafters Super Skyrider S(X)16 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters Skyrider SX23 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters Skyrider Defiant SX24 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters HC100 IF: ca.17MHz, 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-10 IF: 1600kHz
Hallicrafters S-11 IF: 465kHz
Hallicrafters S-12 IF: 1600kHz
Hallicrafters S-17 IF: 465kHz
Hallicrafters S-21 IF: 1600kHz
Hallicrafters S-22 IF: 1600kHz
Hallicrafters SX24 IF 455kHz
Hallicrafters SX25 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-27 IF: 5.25MHz
Hallicrafters SX28 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-36 IF: 5.25MHz
Hallicrafters S-37 IF: 18MHz, Range: 130-210MHz
Hallicrafters S-38 IF: 455kHz, Range: 0.54-32MHz
Hallicrafters S-39 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-40 IF: 455kHz?
Hallicrafters S-40A IF: 455kHz, 0.54-43MHz 6SG7 6SA7 6SK7 6SQ7 6F6 6C5? 6H6...
Hallicrafters S-40B IF: 455kHz, 0.54-43MHz?
Hallicrafters SX42 IF: 455kHz(AM), 10.7MHz (FM) 0.54-110MHz
Hallicrafters SX43 IF: 455kHz, 10.7MHz (above 44MHz) 0.54-55MHz, 86-109MHz
Hallicrafters S-47 IF: 0.54-1.72 & 5.9-18.2MHz 88-108MHz
Hallicrafters S-51 IF:? 132-13 000kHz
Hallicrafters S-52 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-53 IF: 0.54-31MHz, 48-54.5MHz IF: 2075kHz
Hallicrafters SX62A IF: 0.54-110MHz IF: 455kHz, 10.7MHz(VHF)
Hallicrafters SX71 IF: 2075, 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-72 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters SX73 IF: 6MHz (above 7MHz), 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-76 IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz
Hallicrafters S-77 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-85 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-86 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters SX88 IF: 2075kHz (1550kHz on MF), 50kHz
Hallicrafters S-94 IF: 10.7MHz
Hallicrafters S-95 IF: 10.7MHz
Hallicrafters S-96 IF: 1650kHz 50kHz
Hallicrafters SX99 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters SX100 IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz
Hallicrafters SX101 IF: 1650kHz, 50.5kHz
Hallicrafters SX101 MkIIIA IF: 1650kHz, 50.75kHz
Hallicrafters SX111 IF: 1650kHz 50.75kHz
Hallicrafters SX115 IF: 6005-6505kHz, 1005kHz, 50kHz
Hallicrafters SX117 IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz, 50kHz
Hallicrafters S-118 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters S-120 IF: 455kHz
Hallicrafters SX122 IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz
Hallicrafters SX122A IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz
Hallicrafters SX130 IF: 1650kHz
Hallicrafters SX140 IF: 1650kHz
Hallicrafters SX146 IF: 9MHz
Hallicrafters SR34 IF: 23.25MHz, 1.65MHz
Hallicrafters SR-150 IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz
Hallicrafters SR-160 IF: 5.2MHz
Hallicrafters SR-400 "Cyclone" IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz
Hallicrafters SR-2000 "Hurricane" IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz
Hallicrafters FPM300 IF: 9MHz

Hammarlund Super Pro SP100 IF: 465kHz 2*6K7 6L7 6J7 3*6D6 6C6 2*6B7 3*6F6
Hammarlund Super Pro SP200 IF: 465kHz 3*6K7 6L7 6J7 3*6SK7 2*6H6 6SJ7 6C5 3*6F6
Hammerlund Super Pro SP400 IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund Super Pro SP600 IF: 3995, 455kHz. Range: 0.54-54MHz 3x 6BA6 2x 6BE6 2x 6C4 4x 6SG7 6SN7 2x6H6 (1948?) 6J5 6V6

Hammarlund Comet Pro IF: 465kHz
Hammarlund Pro-310 IF: 1802kHz, 52kHz
Hammarlund HC10 (converter) IF: 60kHz
Hammarlund HQ100 IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ100A IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ110 IF: 3045kHz, 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ120 IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ129X IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ140 IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ145 IF: 3035(above 10MHz), 455kc/s
Hammarlund HQ150 IF: 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ160 IF: 3035kHz, 455kHz
Hammarlund HQ170 IF: 3035kHz, 455kHz, 60kHz
Hammarlund HQ180 IF: 3035kHz, 455kHz, 50kHz
Hammarlund HQ215 IF: 3055+/-100kHz, 455kHz

Heathkit GC-1A IF: 455kHz
Heathkit GR-54 IF: 1682kHz
Heathkit GR-91 IF: 455kHz
Heathkit HR-10 IF: 1681kHz
Heathkit HR-20 IF: 3000kHz
Heathkit MR-1 IF: 3000kHz
Heathkit SB-100, SB-101, SB-110, SB-110-A IF: 3395kHz
Heathkit SB-102, SB-104, SB-104A IF: 3395kHz
Heathkit SB-300, SB-301, SB-303 IF: 3395kHz
Heathkit HW-100, HW-101, HW-104, HW-104A IF: 3395kHz
Heathkit SB-620 Scanalyzer, IF= 350kHz

Marconi H2311 IF: 1235kHz, 250kHz, 100kHz
Marconi H2900 IF: 81MHz, 30MHz, 2MHz
Marconi ICS-3 IF: 81MHz, 30MHz, 2MHz
Marconi N2020 IF: 4.0MHz, 1MHz, 100kHz
Marconi N2050 (apollo) IF: 1.1MHz 100kHz
Marconi Atalanta

National HFS 1/2/6/10m
National HRO Senior IF: 456kHz 3*6C6 4*6D6 6B7 42
(NB. Körting KST has IF=468kHz)
National HRO Junior IF: 456kHz
National HRO-7 1.7-30MHz (50-430kHz, 480-1050kHz, 30-35MHz)
National HRO-50 IF: 455kHz
National HRO-60 IF: 1720kHz, 455kHz
National HRO-500 IF: 2750-3250kHz, 230kHz
National HRO 600
National NC-33 IF: 455kHz 0.5-35MHz
National NC-57 IF: 455kHz 0.54-55MHz
National NC-66 IF: 455kHz
National NC-80X IF: 1560kHz
National NC-81X IF: 1560kHz
National NC-88 IF: 455kHz
National NC-98 IF: 455kHz
National NC-100X IF: 456kHz
National NC-101X IF: 456kHz
National NC-105 IF: 455kHz
National NC-109 IF: 455kHz
National NC-125 IF: 455kHz
National NC-155 IF: 2215kHz, 230kHz
National NC-173 IF: 455kHz, 0.54-31MHz 48-56MHz
National NC-183 IF: 455kHz, 0.54-31MHz. 48-56MHz, IF: 1990kHz
National NC-190 IF: 2215kHz, 230kHz
National NC-188 IF: 455kHz
National NC-200 IF: 5200kHz
National NC-270 IF: 2445kHz, 230kHz
National NC-300 IF: 2215kHz, 80kHz
National NC-303 IF: 2215kHz, 80kHz
National NC-400 IF: 1720kHz(above 7MHz) 455kHz
National NC-240C IF: 455kHz
National NC-240D IF: 455kHz
National FB series IF: 495kHz
National HFS IF: 10.7MHz
National SW54 IF: 455kHz
National NCX IF: 3.5-4.0MHz, 6020kHz
National NCX5 MkII IF: 3.0-3.5MHz, 6020kHz
National 200 IF: 5.2MHz
National NCX500 IF: 5.2MHz

Philips CR-101 IF: 750kHz 1,5-30MHz
Philips H2L/7 (Berlin) B442 (H410D), B424(RE084K), B424(RE084K), B424 8073 4371 (See page 17a)
Philips H.M.Z.L.34/KII RX [Originally VO34 (Vliegtuig Ontvanger)] ZF=280kHz (See page 17a)

Racal RA17 IF: 40MHz(BPF+/-650kHz), 2-3MHz (tunable) 100kHz
Racal RA71 as RA17
Racal RA217 IF: 40MHz BPF, 2-3MHz, 1.6MHz
Racal RA1772 IF: 35.4MHz 1.4MHz
Racal RA6217 as RA217
RCA ACR111 IF: 460kHz
RCA AR77 IF: 455kHz
RCA AR88 IF: 455kHz

RCA AR88D IF: 455kHz
RCA AR88LF IF: 735kHz
RCA AR8503 VLF Radio communication receiver. Frequency coverage: 15-40, 40-100, 100-250, 250-600kHz. 3x 6K7 + 6F6.

RME 6900 IF: 2195kHz
R.S. EK56 40.525MHz, 525kHz, 64kHz (variable selectivity)
Swan 240 IF: 5174.5kHz, 3640-4030, 6900-7340, 13990-14380kHz
Swan 350 IF: 5174kHz

B2 IF: 470kHz
B28 IF: 465kHz (CR100)
B34 IF: 450kHz (358X)
B36 IF: 600kHz

DST100 IF: 2MHz, 100kHz

AN/FRR4-4 see National Super Pro SP-200
AN/FRR-59 (AN-WRR-2) IF: 1625-1725kHz, 220kHz, 80kHz
AN/PRC40 IF: 8.5MHz 300kHz
ARB IF: 915kHz(high bands), 135kHz (low bands)
ASB IF: 55MHz, 16MHz

BC221C + D frequency meter VT-76 VT-77 6A7
BC221Q Frequency meter 2* 6SJ7 6K8
BC224 IF: 915kHz 14V DC dynamotor
BC312M IF: 470kHz 12V DC Dyn. 4*VT-86(6k7) 2*VT-65(6C5) VT-66 VT-87 VT-88
BC342M IF: 470kHz 110VAC 4*VT-86(6k7) 2*VT-65(6C5) VT-66 VT-87 VT-88 VT-97
BC348E,M,P IF: 915kHz 28VDC Dyn VT65(6C5) VT48(41) VT70 VT86(6K7) VT91(6J7)
VT70(6F7) 6B8
BC348J,N,Q IF:915kHz 4*6SK7/VT117 6SA7/VT150 6SJ7/VT116 6SR7/VT233 6K6GT/VT152
BC357 Marker Receiver VT153(12C8) VT104(12SQ7)
BC406 IF: 19.5MHz
BC433 IF: 142kHz 14/28VDC + 115V 400Hz
BC453 IF: 85kHz (SCR-274) 28VDC 1.1A DYN 3*VT131 VT132 VT133 VT134
BC454 IF: 1415kHz 28VDC 1.1A Dyn. 3*VT131 VT132 VT133 VT134
BC455 IF: 2.830MHz 28VDC 1.1A Dyn.(3*12SK7 12K8 12SR7 12A6
BC603 IF: 2.65MHz 20-27MHz VT90 VT94 VT107 3*VT112 2*VT209 2*VT229
BC620 IF: 2.880MHz
BC624 IF: 12MHz 9002 3*9003 12AH7 3*12SG7 12C8 12J5
BC625 TX 6G6 OSC, 6SS7 3*12A6 2*832 (SCR522)
BC645 IF: 40MHz 400VDC 135mA, 9VAC 1.2A
BC659 IF: 4.3MHz 6/12/24VDC
BC701 IF: 30.5MHz
BC733 IF: 6.9MHz
BC764 IF: 465kHz See Hammarlund SP-100
BC779 IF: 465kHz (Hammarlund SP-200)
BC788 IF: 30MHz
BC794 IF: 465MHz (SP-200)
BC946 IF: 85kHz 28VDC 1.1A (Dyn.) 3*12SK7 12K8 12SR7 12A6
BC1000 (WS-31) 40-48MHz, IF: 4.3 and 2.515MHz
BC1004 IF: 465kHz (SP-200)
BC1068 IF:11MHz 3*6SH7 9006 6J5 3*6AC7 2*6AB7 6SN7 6H6 6E5 5U4G
BC1147 IF: 455kHz
BC1161A IF:11MHz 3*6SH7 9006 6J5 3*6AC7 2*6AB7 6SN7 6H6 6E5 5U4G
BC1206 IF: 135kHz 28VDC 1A
BC1335 IF: 4.3MHz

CBY46129 IF: 85kHz (BC453)
CR100/2=R1297 IF: 465kHz coverage 60kHz-28MHz in 6 bands
CR101 (Philips) EF8, EF9, ECH3, EBF2, EBF2, EBF2, EBF2, EM4, , IF=750kHz, Range: 1.5-30MHz
DR25b, DR38, DR42, DR78, DR85, DRG4 (Philips) - see page 23r

DST100 IF: 2MHz, 100kHz
LM 76, 77, 6A7

R23/ARC5 (BC453) IF: 85Hz 190-550kHz
R24 (BC946) IF: 239kHz 520-1500kHz
R25/ARC5 (BC454) IF: 705kHz 1.5-3.0MHz
R26/ARC5 IF: 1415kHz 3.0-6.0MHz (BC654)
R27 IF: 2830kHz BC455 6.0-9.1MHz
R28/ARC5 IF: 6.9MHz. 100-156MHz
R44/ARR-5 IF: 5.250MHz (536A)
R44/ARR-7 IF: 455kHz (SX28A)
R100/URR IF: 455kHz
R129/U IF: 465kHz (see Hammarlund 'SP210')
R147/URR IF: 455kHz
R107 IF: 465kHz
R109 IF= 465kHz (1.8-3.9/3.9-8.5MHz)
R206 IF: 465kHz
R208 IF: 2MHz
R209 IF: 460kHz
R210 IF: 460kHz
R1116 IF 1.7MHz 100kHz
R1124A IF: 470kHz
R1132A IF: 12MHz
R1143 IF: 10MHz
R1147A IF: 25MHz
R1155 IF: 560kHz (BFO 280kHz)
R1224A IF: 465kHz
R1225 IF: 9.72MHz
R1273 IF: 400kHz
R1355 IF: 7.5MHz
R1475 IF: 601.3kHz
R3084 IF: 30MHz
R3515 IF 13.5MHz
R3547 IF:45MHz

RA10 IF: 1630kHz
RA-74/84/94 Power Supply Units for SP-200
RAO IF: 455kHz (Modified NC100)
RAS IF: 175kHz (Modified HRO)
RAW IF: 455kHz (HRO)
RAX-2 IF: 915kHz
RAX-3 IF: 2.274MHz
RBG IF: 455kHz (HQ120)
RBK IF: 5.25MHz (S27D)
RBJ IF: 455kHz (HRO)
RCE IF: 456kHz (HRO)
RC103A IF: 6.9MHz (BC733)

RT34/APS13 IF: 30MHz
RT67/RT68 IF: 4.45-5.45kHz, 1.4MHz
RT-77(GRC-9) IF: 456kHz 2*1L4(DF91) 3*1R5(DK91) 1S5(DAF91) 3Q4(DL92) [BFO=228kHz]
RU-16 12VDC 7A (Dyn)
RU-17 24VDC 5A (Dyn)

SCR-244A see Hammarlund SP200
SCR-522 TX: 28VDC 11.5A RX 28VDC 11.1A (Dyn)
SCR-542 TX 14VDC 23A. RX 14V 22.2A (Dyn)
SCR-704 see Hammarlund SP200
TBS IF: 5.3MHz, TBS5: RX: 115VAC 60Hz TX: 220VAC 60Hz
TR1143("19") IF: 9.72MHz
TR1196 ("25") IF: 465KHz
TR1196 ("73") IF: 460kHz
TR1462 IF: 9.72MHz
VRL IF: 1.5MHz, 465MHz

W/S No.18 IF: 465KHz
W/S No.19 IF: 465kHz
W/S No.38AFV
W/S No.48 IF: 455kHz

ZC1 IF: 465kHz



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