g43) RTTY and telex equipment
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g44 telephone equipment
g45 RTTY and CW demodulation tech.

Telegraph receiver, DNRT 84-model and galvanometer (K. Jacobsen, Kristiania)

WT40 - Fernschreiber-Anschlussgerät (the manual is D 764/5) (tnx to F1AAG)

Siemens WT400 telex transmission system, it is a 6-channel transmission system, similar to WT100B - anno 1960

David Andersen's Relay tester, the only thing I know is that the rear mains socket is same as for Racal RA1772

Technical Material Corporation Frequency shift converter type CFA (RTTY Terminal unit) anno 1950

The picture shows different variants for German telegraph relays. Trls43a was found in NTG2, but I haven't the faintest
idea where Trls44a was used, found it at work amongst a lot of old components, so it may have been used for some sort of

My 2nd XY-scope using Philips DH3-91 miniature oscilloscope tube, built around 1990, and used for 20m RTTY and packet radio
tuning (300Baud), The first had 2AP1, which were relatively inexpensive around 1980, but you had to make your own socket.

Det internasjonale fjernskriveralfabet nr 2

Siemens Impulsschreiber Fg.reg.2e
Recorder to print the dc-signalling between telephone exchanges to analyse signalling distortion

Hellschreiber (Feldfernschreiber 24a-32).....

996. Hellschreiber info

31a. 15W.S.E.b (and Hellschreiber)