g31. Various notes and BC receivers

B). Amateur radio and related equipment
g32. BC-radio, VHF adaptor, Low voltage operation, Q-multiplier, Volksempf.
g42. Selcall decoder and tone-oscillator for manual public mobile radio systems
g30. Misc. radio-related pages, Radio stations etc
..... c96 technical articles in different magazines (download)

Rescued coilset from old radio receiver from the 20's (suppose it has three bands).

Norsk Radio Nr. 1, Oktober 1923
I dette nummer: Kristiania Radio- - Elektronrørets fysik av Prof. L. Vegard. -
Hjemmebyggede radiomottagere. - De nye tørelementlamper. -
Kristiania Broadcastingstation av Ing. A. Taranger. -
Moderne luftnet og jordnet av H. Stavøstrand

Practical Wireless Vol. 22. No. 484. October 1946

Receiving valves from the 30's with the modernized RV12P2000

Tandberg TMA 12M2 frequency counter