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Sent: 13. mai 2003 13:54
To: LF-Group
Cc: Koos Fockens, PA0KDF
Subject: LF: Fwd: [Hellschreiber] Hell Forum at Dayton (fwd)

The following message was passed on to me by Koos Fockens, PA0KDF.

73, Dick, PA0SE

Yes, it's true.  Yours truly, K7CCC, will be moderating an "Intro to Hellschreiber" forum at the Dayton Hamvention this year.  While by
no means an expert (just a ham who likes the mode), I'll be in Room 1 (forum no. 111) from 8:15 to 9a.m. or so on Friday, with handouts,
a computer and simulated QSOs.

I'm hoping to interest more folks in a very fun and interesting mode, and show them that it's easy to get started (I'll leave the
*very* technical stuff to guys like Murray, Peter, et al!) and that it works fine business!

If you're going to be in Dayton this weekend, please stop by the forum, or barring that, you might find me taking a turn in the ARRL
booth occasionally. Maybe in the flea market hunting for sweep tubes and 6GK6s (gotta feed the Swan radios....)

Anyway, thanks and very 73 to all,
Dave Hassler, K7CCC

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