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Got interested in radio when I met Erling LA6VM (LA-M 3952) in 1959 who was at the
same primary school. Became member of DX-Listeners club for a short period as DX-LA-92,
and at Malmö Kortvågsklubb (Sweden) as MKVK-LA-641. Also got the "callsign" LA1-PE-2H.
SWL member of NRRL from 10. september 1960 till 1966 as LA-M 3741, and have full membership since.
Age and length of membership makes me honorary member of NRRL since May 2003, but our secretary
has her own opinions and ways to calculate, so I still have to wait some more time (years?).

Did some pirate operation, as "everybody did", but don't speak about, but the main operation was working
Erling (later LA6VM), the worst was in 1965 when I blocked TV channel 2 in the street with my 2m
xtal controlled transmitter which radiated more on 48 and 96MHz than on 144MHz, it was before
amateurs heard about spectrum analysers. Also operated LA3N fox-hunt transmitter before I got the license.

Decided in 1965 to construct only solidstate equipment, although I had built some receivers earlier, and only several
years later I made any thermionic equipment, like a 50W 2m linear amplifier with QQE06/40 in 1972, and changed to 150W
RF in 1977, and changed the unit to power supply for a YL1060/YL1070 200W Fuba linear amplifier in 1982.

My first commercially built receiver was Hallicrafters S40A (1961), later I got Telefunken KwEa (1963), and Drake 2-C
(1967), this didn't become old and was sold to LA6VM after two months, later bought Heath SB-300.
Built my first solidstate SSB transmitter in 1967 following a mobile transceiver construction from DL-QTC
(August 66) and operated transceive with Heath SB300. SB300 was replaced by Drake 2-B in 1968, and I still
keep this wonderful receiver, or in fact - I got another 2-B later.

On an occasion Erling (later LA6VM) borrowed my Heathkit HX-20 and callsign for a week in 1968 because he didn't
have a license (but good operational skill), and I received incredibly many DX-QSL-cards which I had
no dream about working from my poor QTH. His father was the local sheriff, so it wasn't so much
chance for him to take.

Built my first 2m solidstate AM transmitter in 1968-69, and the second solidstate 2m 1W FM transmitter in 1970.

Some of my main interests have been collecting circuit diagrams and technical information
for radio communication equipment, radar, radiolink, transmission and measuring equipment,
later this equipment became so-called boat-anchors. I've learned the lesson many times that I should have
been more eager to steal manuals at work.

I am a radio amateur with interests in LF/HF/VHF/UHF/SHF construction, and operation on CW/SSB,
held the callsigns GW5BFV in 1973,
G5BFV 1973-74, 76 and 79.

QTH: Vaagsbygd, N4623-Kristiansand.
Earlier lived in Mandal 1946-66 and 68, Lijordet/Oslo 1968-69, Bergen (1974-78),
Baerum (1970-72, Cardiff/Glamorgan (1973), Ganddal (1969-1970), Hisöy (1978-79),
Leamington-Spa (1974), Oslo (Klemetsrud 1970), Stratford/Avon (1973-1974),
Sandnes (1972-73), Strømmen (1967), Voss (1974-75). Jörstadmoen July-December.1966
Heggelia (Jan.67), Porsangermoen (Febr.67), Elvebakken (March-June 67).

I am born 9 months and 10 days after World War II ended.

QRA: Jan-Martin Nöding, Voielia 39B, N-4623 Kristiansand, Norway/Europe.
Tel: +47-380-87178

My amateur radio license (class A), dated 6/12.66 (50W power limit) - extended to 150W PEP power
input in 1967, and general terms adjusted several times later, and eventually NRRL got the VHF power
limit reduced to 300W because they were afraid of possible TVI (what do we need such organisations for?)

Member of Norsk Radio Relæ Liga (NRRL) since August 1960, RSGB since January 74, Norsk Radiohistorisk forening (NRHF) since June 1983
Technical editor for Amatör Radio 1977-81, writing my own Tecnical Reflections column 1992-98.
NRRL Beacon manager 1988-93.

Special permit to operate F1-mode (now F1B = RTTY), dated 30. desember 1968
Signed LA6BG B. Nilsen and Miss Syversen

LA8AK in Her Majesty's Service.
Here is Yours Truly as GW5BFV with Jerry Llewellyn photographed for the local newspaper in Cardiff in 1973.
The picture caused great waves in London, and I was called onto the carpet and sent to International Telecomm. Maritime Services,
(IMTR/Labs at Bearly/SOA) in the middle of Midland (as G5BFV) where wearing at tie wasn't so important for a PO Technical Officer,
my efforts to explain that it wasn't suitable at Norwegian Telecomms went to deaf, but rather angry ears in 207, Old Street.
The other collegue in Cardiff was GW4AMV, Steve. Later learned that Worcester & DARC was just as good radio club as
Barry College for further education Radio society..., and I found another friend who was interested in experiments - G3NUE.
It was also a quite good radio club at Rugby, while it wasn't so much activity in Coventry and Stratford-on-Avon. And I shouldn't
forget the discussions I had at work with G8ART, Steve (who later became G4FRE).

6m special license permit for 1985.
I was the first active Norwegian with legal license for 50MHz in January 85.
Made some first QSO's to G, GW, GM on cw meteorscatter, also worked LA1K on aurora,
later the TV activity hours increased and still we have channel two, and it is easily seen from the house,
10km away, leaving a 0.2V signal into my antenna, and nobody are QRV when the TV is QRT..

Honorary member at LA1K - Akademisk radioklubb, Trondhjem (1990.11.19)

Membership at DX-Listener's Club for 1960/61

Operating check-point radio station (FT250 belonging to LA8SO) from my car in 1971

Heibergheiene, Stavanger Turistforening - yearbook 2003
Another of my interest is mountaineering, but it is somewhat limited because of heart problems, hopefully I will recover in some degree

The most obstructed QTF to the south for this QTH between is 150-220 degrees, and also at 270 degrees, based on photo from QuickBird, see

I enjoy collecting these items and I will show them on my website for others to enjoy. I am not interested in selling them, however - please do not ask.
Instead, I hope to help others who collect this type of gear and would like to hear from them.

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