f11 Communication Receivers Data
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Hammarlund Super Pro SP200, BC779A,-B, BC794A,-B, BC1004B, C, D, R129/U
IF: 465kHz 3*6K7 6L7 6J7 3*6SK7 2*6H6 6SJ7 6C5 3*6F6

See CQ "Surplus schematic Handbook" (1960)

Hammarlund Super Prop SP600

R109 Receiver (1.8-3.9/3.9-8.5MHz, IF= 465kHz)
Valves: 5x ARP12, 3x AR8 (duo-diode-triode)
It is different models with different frequency ranges, one with two RF-amplifier stages.
See Wireless for the Warrior Vol. 3 for further details

Tandberg Huldra 4

See more details on page g11

RCA AR88D IF: 455kHz
RCA AR88LF IF: 735kHz

E348A (Fu.E 1)
No more info is available, I only got a circuit diagram by accident from DK2UO
Suppose it is exactly BC348E, -M, -P

National HRO Senior IF: 456kHz 3*6C6 4*6D6 6B7 42
(NB. Körting KST has IF=468kHz, check at German receivers, pp17a)

Coverage: 7.3-9MHz, IF=285kHz, RF=200mW

R1297 Receiver (Marconi - type CR.100), 60kHz-30MHz
IF: 465kHz

Philips CR101
CR101 (Philips) EF8, EF9, ECH3, EBF2, EBF2, EBF2, EBF2, EM4, , IF=750kHz, Range: 1.5-30MHz

RT-77 (AN/GRC-9) Ranges 2.0-3.6, 3.6-6.6, 6.6-12MHz. RX: IF=456kHz, BFO 228kHz
Dynamotor DY-88/GRC-9-GY. Generator GN-58-A-GY

BC453A/B (190-550kHz), IF: 85kHz (SCR-274) 28VDC 1.1A DYN 3*VT131 VT132 VT133 VT134

see further info on pg61

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