My hobby

I enjoy collecting these items and I will show them on my website for others to
enjoy. I am not interested in selling them, however - please do not ask.
Instead, I hope to help others who collect this type of gear and would like to
hear from them.

You are of course invited to participate in technical discussion and if you have something to add or note,
I'll be pleased to hear from you!

All incoming mails are filtered using MailWasher, so please use an
intelligent title so it is possible to distinguish between friends and spammers

Subject: Mails without subject, or mails with 'hi' as subject are automaticly deleted.
It is impossible to check all mails individually to see whether they are spam or virus infected,
suppose my friends has more intelligence than using such one-word subject.

Friends: We have one important principle. If you show that you are among those who really go on and
reallize your talks, build the equipment you collect parts for, and help other persons in the group with equipment
that you don't need, without charging money. If you accept the principle that it is better to give to a good home,
instead of charging money, then you may be defined as friendly, and we might have something to offer.