ea. Further information for WWII equipment

1)  Documentation and tables:

33a German WW2 Radio link equipment
33b German WWII Carrier frequency equipment
34a German non-radio equipment
35a German Radar equipment
35b Further documentation for German radar and navigational systems
43a Detectors in German WWII receivers
44a German opto-communication equipment

Books, magazines and other info:
g34 Re-developments in Valve technique, now applied with FETs
e67 Minensuchgeräte und Wetter Sonde + SCR-625A
e71. Available books, info from US Army, info from DL6VW Werner Gierlach
e72 .Content of the Trenkle books
e73 Further info from English language books
e74 Signal Bulletins for German equipment
e76 Surplus equipment described in Electron, Radcom, Practical Wireless and some other publications
e77 Funkmeßgeräte-Entwicklung bei der C. Lorenz AG 1935-1945
e98 tactical radar
e78 Index for Scandinavian articles about surplus equipment
e86 Some info and data for German valves and later reinventions in MOCKBA, CCCP
***** Hallvard Torgersen, LA2AD: Tyske radiorør (1946) (NB: pdf-file)
e.81 Wehrmachtröhren I (Valve data)
e.96 Power supplies for German receivers II (Norwegian)
e.97 Power supplies for German receivers I (LA6NCA)
f 96) Gittermodulasjon (Norwegian text - not complete) "Grid modulation"
f 97) Controlled Carrier Modulator (AB7YD)
z 1. German valves, Wehrmachröhren - Heer
z 2. Sockets types for German valves (NRHF/LA9DL)

g37 IF standards
f14. Accessories for surplus transmitters (sidetone-oscillator and freq. control units)
f15. Accessories for surplus transmitters (high current key-driver)
f16. Accessories for surplus receivers (loadspeaker connection for German receivers)
f21. Surplus components from the flea marked - I
f22. Surplus components from the flea marked - II
e87 Dumpbuizen voor VHF en UHF (not ready)
94).. Boatanchor and valve application articles (mainly from G3VA, Technical topics, Radcom)
n71 Repairing a wrecked surplus receiver LwEa (LA7MI)
n72 Feldfu.b
n73 Feldfunksprecher b1 und c

.901 Schaltbilder I/Circuit diagrams - 500kB !!
902 Schaltbilder II:
.903 Schaltbilder III/Foto
b 8 About providing manuals
pg 11c. Components for German equipment
pg 11e. German accessories

pg 996 Hellschreiber/Hellskriver (Feldfernschreiber)

f 90. Annonser og lignende (Advertisments, collected from old magazines)


Funkbetrieb in Finnmark während des Krieges (Radio operation in Finnmark, Norway)
Funkbetrieb in Kristiansand (German radio operation at Odderöy, Kristiansand)

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