D91. Nordisk VHF meeting juni 2003,
Gavelstad i Vestfold

Sjekk Nordic VHF Meeting Gavelstad JO49XL 6-8 june 2003
Earlier nordic meetings in Aannaboda and elsewhere, see page d95
Ånnaboda VHF meeting 2005

Participants from different countries:

Germany: 3
Norway: 46
Finland: 19
Åland Islands: 2
Denmark: 7
Nederland: 2
USA: 1
Iceland:  1
Sweden: 34

From: Helge Karlsen [mailto:la1br@online.no]

Please excuse me that the text is in Norwegian. The only reason is to avoid too much QRM from USA where they don't have
the same hobby. In USA the only interest is to purchase and trade, and spamming us, but I don't share such interests. If normal
radio amateurs should need an explanation about something described on this page, you are invited to send an email.
Another reason is that it is shown some info which I am not certain that could be distributed referring to the origin. amd by
writing Norwegian it is quite limited search capabilities. However, I am aware that most intellectual persons in North Europe
incl. Germany and Nederland will understand more than enough to see if they need to ask for more information. You could
also check at
D24 and several related pages for items which might be brought to future VHF meetings from some clubs.
I prefer to let other take such jobs since I am not interested in wasting my spare time, but like to write some information, instead.
73 LA8AK



Hvem ante at det var så stor interesse for loppemarked ....og selvbygging...

.....faktisk så stor at mange ikke kunne vente til lørdag morgen.....

Noen holdt da stand utover i de små timer! ...noen mente disse var kjent fra før...

SM6ESG, Morgan's fikse monteringskassett for IC290, 100W PA-trinn, med HF speech-klipper, elbug,
pre-amplifier og 30dB dempeledd, og selvsagt et ordentlig wattmeter
Antenner er Halo og HB9CV, begge er montert på bilen, men den siste er ikke like praktisk å bruke under fart.

Les mere om SM6ESG's og LA8WF's 2m mobilantenner på A71.htm og A72.htm

122 pics were taken at the VHF meeting, see VHF PICS-2003-06-07

d11. Beskrivelse av SHF forsterkere, solgt på VHF meetingen