d.92. LA1T - T÷nsberg group of NRRL -
DXpedition to Skjern÷y DR08a/JO38SX

d91. VHF meeting 2003 at Gavelstad
d93. Local LA/OZ/SM VHF/UHF/SHF-activity


Hei-Jo, DK2UO suggested to take pictures towards the sun from the shadowed point


..discussing which car to sacrifice on the old German road

LA6VBA in deep concentration with the handpump


LA6LCA and LAě/Magnus


LA1T at Skjern°y - one of several times

1) The best reason to go to Weinheim was the evening at Schmidberger Hof
2) Our good friend DK4TJ stayed until late in the night.....

DB6NT and DK2UO planning some unusual frequencies.....

Our Dutch friend was curious about how he looked like on picture, here he is shown together with Hei-Jo, DK2UO and some other.