a2) VHF/UHF antennas

K733021-1 70cm antenna

Measurement for Kathrein K733021 (LA5QEA)

When the NMT450 mobile telephone system closes down later this year, it is possible for radio amateurs to get as much 70cm antennas as they might want for no cost, the only problem is to take an initiative, and this is indeed a problem when you prefer sitting in front of a PC running games or watching TV. So there will be no offers for such persons, but everybody who will go for a trip or risk doing something which helps other radio amateurs may have a chance soon.

Because of heart problems I cannot engage as much as earlier, but some radio groups will do. My radio group "Sandnes og Jæren gruppen" has already checked the possibilities to get equipment over a half year ago.

It is horizontal and vertically polarized UHF antennas of this construction, by a fault horisontal antennas were once delivered instead of vertical, I suppose the horizontal polarized antennas are for TV transponders.

Similar measurement for K733161 which works on 900MHz band (LA5QEA)


Log.periodisk antenne K722241 målt av LA5QEA (406-512mcs)