d29 (b96) NOKIA NMT900 Base stations

See info for NMT450 equipment on page d27


Using boards from Mobira/Nokia NMT900 Base stations
LA8OJ and I studied some boards and we are certain that it is easy to reuse some of the NMT900 boards for other frequencies. It is a a ceramic
input filter, and high level RF amplifier, but with another helical filter it should be little problems to use the RF board on other bands like 145, 433, 1295MHz.
The RF board has xtal filters on 70MHz and 21.4MHz, valuable pieces, but more valuable if they are used where they are mounted
The larger board is the 21.4MHz IF amplifier, it is divided into two separate IF amplifiers and detectors

The 2nd picture is believed to be from a Nokia NMT450 transceiver

LME NMT900 directional coupler, probably a very valuable item for VHF/UHF operation,
and shouldn't be difficult to convert from Spinner and TNC connectors to N-type and BNC.

NOKIA/MOBIRA NMT900 25W Dummy load