Local SM-OZ-LA VHF/UHF/SHF activities

Winter 93. On the right side of the road is my car!

My antennas 10 years ago. Have now 2x 8el flexa yagies instead of F9FT 17 el yagi for 2m,
ex-TV antenna for 6m seen to the right, but it is TV transmissions most of the day, so nobody is
QRV when the TV is off! I was the first active on 6m in 86, but the TV transmitting time has increased
since that. It seems that those first QRV on 6m were the same persons you found on 70cm, and they
were used to building their own equipment.


OZ1CFO, Per in his shack

LA4WN in his shack

LA8OJ in his shack

OZ2BB, OZ1CFO and LA3VW (at OZ2BB)

We had some local meetings at home, here is OZ1CFO, LA4YGA, LA6VBA, LA3VW, OZ1HDA

OZ2BB Chris in his shack (probably around 1995)

April 1992. DK2UO/P (JN57MK 3000m a.s.l.) and DC8EC/P(JN57LK) made 6 QSO's on 24GHz, ODX was 229km

In OZ7IS' shack

The nearest place to go for help with SHF equipment (from JO38 to JO47)

I was there, too! OZ1CFO, LA8YB, LA8AK - at Tvedestrand VHF meeting Oct. 2002