German coast fortresses
and radar stations in this area
Tyske kystfort og radarstasjoner på Sörlandet



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Forsvarshistorisk Forening i Kristiansandsregionen (Defence-historic society for Kristiansand region)

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Batt. Vara (Kanonmuseet), Mövik, Vaagsbygd (Kristiansand)
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xxx German radio stations

Krigsbunker ble fritidsbolig (Fædrelandsvennen 29/12-03). klikk på bildet/click on the picture


Kristiansand kanonmuseum - Battery Vara -
is now reorganized with persons who seem to have an actual interest in improving the museum instead of talking economy and remove ressources for their personal interest, so it is a very good chance that the dugnad's can be rearranged - all work has been closed for two years because the leader had to learn how to behave. Now, such persons are not present any more.


Updated 2004.09.26