(f) Radio surplus mainpage

  b Amateur radio and suplus equipment
c Amateur radio experiments
e) WW2 German radio surplus equipment
g35 Thermionic Valve techniques 1 (Norwegian)
g34 Thermionic Valve technique 2 (Norwegian)
g57 Clandestine equipment
g43 Telex and RTTY/Hellschreiber
g44 Telephone equipment
g37 IF standards
e11 Receiver Intermediate Frequency List I (German)
e12 German communication receivers data (List)
e13 Receiver Intermediate Frequency List II (non-German)
f11 Further receiver data
f12 SSB conversion (RX) part I
61. US army radio surplus equipment
. 62. Further Boatanchors
63 British army radio surplus
..... .. 94) Boatanchor and valve application articles (Clandestine radio equipment)
b71. Lorenz 6P203 Communication receiver
e67 Mine-search equipment (SCR625A) and Weather Suonobuy
f80 Innholdsfortegnelse for Hallo-Hallo (NRHF)
f96 Modulator for AM-sender (norsk artikkel)
f97 Modulator for AM-transmitter
f90. Annonser og notiser (Advertisments from old publications)
..... b 8 About providing manuals
...... .
f14 Accessory units for transmitters (to build). Side-tone oscillators, test equipment

Reference pages:
HeathKit circuits
K4XL's Boatanchor Archives

See the list of radio surplus and clandestine - and other valve equipment

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