C: Amateur radio technical experiments
(Reflecties door LA8AK)

Screen picture from PC-based sweep-oscillator
used in home-brew spectrum analyser for 90-100MHz band

A. Aerial experiments
B. Amateur radio rigs and mods.
d. VHF/UHF/SHF Technik
n81 Radio communication receiver techniques
L. VLF, MF and 136kHz equipment ideas

c11. technical topics I
c12. technical topics II
c13. Technical reflections III
c14 Reflecties door LA8AK
c21. QRP techniques I
c22. Digital mode
c23. QRP Tech II
c24. Constructing coils (not complete)
c42 Constant gain, variable bandwidth xtal filter using negative resistance amplifier
d12) LA6LCA's high level 2m ssb transceiver concept
c19. Zwischenbasis mixer termination amplifier
g34. Solid state design based on later and lesser known valve technik
n12. Broad-band ferrite transformers used in solidstate Power Amplifiers
n13. Amateur radio technical notes
n14. Transistor data for bias regulator construction
n15) 40W 80m PA-trinn with FETs (LA7MI) (Norwegian text)
n16. Experiments with mixers (LA7MI)
n17. Beregning av båndpassfiltre (Norwegian text)
n18. Variable oscillators
n19. Experiments with ceramic resonators
n20. xtal oscillators
C51. TVI filters for HF and VHF
L.90 136kHz TX VFO suggestions

g4 power supply topics
n91 What do you know about technical news- and discussion groups?
g21 Composants (Norwegian text)
c61 storing components (Norwegian text)
DL0RT - Amateur radio experiments at "Astropeiler Stockert"
G3SEK. Better understanding how things work
C.98 Diverse komponenter til amatørradioformål. (Norwegian text)
C99. Coax-overganger og kontakter (Norwegian text)
994 technical topics index
c96 technical articles in different magazines (download index)
n11 curing EMC problems on telephone lines
div-1. Moderne teknikk terror!! Om ADSL utstyr (Norwegian text)
n21 PC-controlled Wavetek Model 3001

See notes about high-level mixer experiments on page n16

SM5AKF/SM5BZR 80m DF receiver for Fox hunting using 5x MPS3702 transistors, built in 1967, uses only two 1.5V AA cells

DF receiver shown from inside the Eddystone die-cast box

Adapter to increase the input frequency for oscilloscope to measure modulation and keying on VHF,
built in 1982 and described in various amateur radio magazines

Some so-called amateur-friendly connectors. If this is what you are looking for, you've found the wrong site!
More info about coax connectors on page c99