23r) Philips portable WWII equipment
DR25b, DR38, DR42, DR78, DR85, DRG4

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The document shown below is largely based on info from Jean-Noel Bienfait, except for DR38.

DR25b [PHI 1 UK 41] VHF portable transceiver
- history and relationships.

For more details about Philips Factory history during WWII, please see:


The DR25b1X is a unit, that seems to be derived from different Philips/ NSF sets, probably
made for different purposes before the war.
The table hereafter provides an overview of other Dutch sets that were made by Philips before or during WWII.

Type Model Refr (+ Betriebsart) Freq. coverage Valves Power requirement
DR 25 b1X UK 41, UK 43 PHI A3 37.5 - 46.2MHz 2x KDD 1
2x DF 25
1W S/E
DR 38 --N/A PHI A2, 3 66 - 75MHz TE 05/10, EL 5,
4671, 4672, ELL 1
4W S/E
6V battery
DR 42 --N/A NSF 195 - 205MHz -- 2W
DR78 --N/A PHI 3.0 - 6.0MHz S: 3x TC 05/5, L4018D
E: 6x D1F , 7475
DR 85 --N/A A2,3 30 - 34MHz -- 80kW - S
DRG 4 --N/A PIN F3 486 - 549MHz   20W-Richtfunk

N/A = Not available

PHI 1 UK 43 = DR25b1X VHF transceiver (37.5-46.2MHz) circuit diagram (Philips Berlin).

The valves seem to be applied as follows.
Sender: DF25 (Mik.Verstärker), KDD1 (Modulator), KDD1 (Senderstufe).
Empfänger: DF25 [HF-Verstärker], KDD1 [Audionröhr], DF25 [NF-Vestärker], KDD1 [NF Endstufe].

DR25b seen from front and left side (UK41)


DR25b1X installed in cabinet seen from front

Philips DR25b1X seen from rear and from below. The photos show the UK41 model, while the drawings show UK43.

Philips DR25b1X (UK43) scale calibration chart and logo

Philips VHF transceiver DR38 (66-75MHz) - 4-Watt.

Röhrenbestückung, Sender: TE05/10, EL5. Empfänger: 4672, 4671, ELL1
[Note: 4672 = 954 = E1F, 4671 = 955 = E1C]
Additional information about DR38 development can be found in the following URLs:



DR42 wreck was sold at last NRHF auction in october 2003. (Picture: LA5CL Tore Moe)

Better picture (Museum "Waalsdorp") at

Better picture (Museum "Waalsdorp") at

(195-205MHz transceiver - 4-Watt).
It seems to be the same valves as for DR38 above.

Additional information about DR42 development can be found in the following URLs:

http://www.tno.nl/instit/fel/museum/en/nsfdr42en.html )

NSF-factory showing the H2L/7 (among other things)

Further infos for equipment and valves are also found in "Kommerzielle Nachrichtengeräte
von 1914-1945"
- Edition 2000/2001 by Gerhard B. Salzmann, DL2IE



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