Lo1UK35 [SE42444/b + c] [Kriegsmarine]
The rig was used for short distance VHF communications between ships,
and marine coast fortresses in an area
Funksprechgerät mit Wehrmachtröhren für Bord-Bord-Verkehr

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SE 42444/c

Lo1UK35 mounted on the wall (Kanon II, Batt. Vara, N4624-Kristiansand)



right side (without RL2T2)


left side



My rig seen from different angles

Loosening five 'red-marked' screws, you may divide the transceiver into two blocks

Few douzens M2,5 screws later... nothing really exciting to see, but...
it is a good idea to open it every 60th year, brush off the corrosion with steelwool ,
and cover the surface with vaseline oil.


Lo1UK35 vs Torn.Fud2
Lo1UK35 uses RX-RF-valve as mike-amplifier, while Torn.Fu.d2 uses the RX audio amplifier

Lorenz Lo1UK35 = SE42444 UK-Marine-Tornistergerät (41,55-45,75MHz)
Sender (Telegr./Telefonie: +2V 1,7A, 130V 50...60mA, G= -3V)
Steuerröhre RV2P800 (1) [Empf. HF-Stufe]
Zwischenröhre RV2P800 (17)
Leistungsröhre RL2T2 0,6...0,7W (30)
Modulations- und Tonkreisstufe (44)

Empfänger (Empfang: 2V 1,3A, 130V 40mA, G= -3V)
HF-Verstärkerröhre RV2P800 (44) [Mod.- und Tonkreisstufe]
Oszillatorröhre RV2P800 (68)
Mischröhre RV2P800 (56)
ZF-Verstärkerröhre RV2P800 (83)
Audionröhre RV2P800 (99)
NF-Verstärkerröhre RV2P800 (17)

For Lo1UK35 circuit diagram, see pg 901
Data for RL2T2, see page e81
Reference; Die deutschen Funknachrichtenanlagen bis 1945, Band 2 [Fritz Trenkle] pp.213-214

Stein Torp (LA7MI) mentions the frequency correction used in this set, he hasn't seen similar in other sets.
A very small capacitor (12) is tuned with filament voltage and will correct transmitter frequency drift with
somewhat varying filament supply voltage.

Most capacitors in my set were stuck, but loosened with oil and 2-26 after many years, it was the same fault as for Torn.Fu.b1
and Torn.Fu.c., perhaps somewhat more complicated. So it is better to be prepared that such can happen and do the
required maintenance before it is too late!


If you don't have the original box, it is fairly easy to build a surrogate box from wood.
This has been used at Batt. Vara and mounted in the frame on the wall

Lo1UK35 Manual, available copy from DL6VW Werner Gierlach:

Fernbediengerät: Lo39 [Bediengerät für kleine Sender]

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