k62. Telecommunication 1940-45
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k61 Radio link stations
33a radio link equipment
33b carrierfrequency equipment (HF-utstyr for kabel)

Carrier system guesswork


TEKADE Träger-Frequenz Meßkoffer 5-155kHz (later German term is Selektiver Pegelmesser),
Suppose this is the first selective voltmeter ever made. They were used to measure levels on multi-channel
carrier frequency systems. One such instrument were placed in Kristiansand, another in Arendal since it was
subsea coaxial cables to Denmark, believe it was a 15-channel system (MG15) during the war and many years after.
See Die deutschen Funknachrichtenanlagen Band2 "Der Zweite Weltkrieg" pg139

More info about the instrument on page m22