53a) Philips equipment used by the Germans during WW2

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Philips PHI 1 UK41 DR25b
(37.5 - 46.2MHz)

NSF H2L/7 All-wave receiver (Allwellen Emfänger)

Philips DR38 (
66 - 75MHz)

HMZL34/OKM and VO34 (Vliegtuig Ontvanger)
DR42 [NSF] (195 - 205MHz transcvr)

DR78 (3.0 - 6.0MHz transceiver)

DR85 (80kW transmitter 30 - 34MHz)

DRG4 (486 - 549MHz 20W radiolink)

Philips postwar communication receiver BX925

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updated: 2004.04.04