52. French radio equipment
used by the Germans in WW2

11a German radio equipment
53a. Philips equipment used in WWII
61 American surplus equipment
62 some more boatanchors
63 English WW2 surplus equipment
64 Russian post war surplus equipment

French R1/537 VHF receiver (Beutegerät), note the application of 954 and 6K7V
(it is not space enough for an EF39 ), no circuits were available so I had to draw my own

Antennenabstimmgerät Saram 3-10
(The transmitter covers 192kHz-7.5MHz, 40W)

Die französische SE-Anlage Saram 3-10 (Antennenabstimmgerät), Ldv702
The French antenna tuner Saram 3-10

I enjoy collecting these items and I will show them on my website for others to
enjoy. I am not interested in selling them, however - please do not ask.
Instead, I hope to help others who collect this type of gear and would like to
hear from them.

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