23g. Polish WW2 radio equipment (RX) Radiostacja N1, N2

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AQ2/3 (=N1) Radio station.

Receiver AQ was a part of military radio station N1. This station was designed for use in communication vans (N1S) or horse vehicles (N1T).
Made by Panstwowe Zaklady Tele- i Radiotechniczne (PZT or PZTiR) in Warsaw since 1938 and by Germans in the same factory during WW II.
170 pcs were made before September 1939. Seen by Polish officers in Western Europe in 1944.
AQ is original symbol of that set.  
Frequency coverage: 2250-6750 kHz.
Modes: CW, MCW, AM. Power: 90 W on CW, 65 W on AM.
Weight: 70 kg. Antenna: 9 m telescopic, 3,5 or 6 m whip (wire in bamboo), random wire 9 m. Operated by a crew 4-5 men.  
Station N1 consisted of a transmitter and two receivers - main and auxiliary.
The main receiver (6-valves superhet) and the transmitter were inserted in one wooden box. The receiver of radio station N2 was the auxiliary receiver of radio station N1.    
There is a manual of radio station N2 in Central Military Library (CBW) in Warsaw. I was there two weeks ago and they are making for me copies. I hope I will get them in 1 or 2 months and then I will sent them to you.
<Roman Buja>

The AQ2/3 receiver seen from different angles:


Rear side

Overside (BFO screen cover is removed)


Seen from above (w/BFO screen)

AQ2/3 RX circuit diagram which was drawn on the wall at Sola Airport

My own circuit diagram for AQ2/3 RX

Odbiornik N2 wz. 37

Receiver of Polish radio station N2 (AQ2/4).
Some details:
Made by PZTiR between 1937 and 1939 and by Germans in the same factory during WW II. 1019 pcs were made to Polish Army. It was universal battalion station.

N2S - used in cars (FIAT 508/518),

N2T - used in horse vehicles,

N2B - used in artillery,

N2L - used in airplanes (fighters),
N2C - used in armoured vehicles (tank 7TP).  
Frequency coverage: 2250-6750 kHz.
Mode: AM, CW. Power: AM - 2 W, CW - 6 W.

Antennas: 2,5, 3,5 and 6 m whip (wire in bamboo) and 8 m random wire.
Range: 6 m whip - 10 km on AM and 25 km on CW. Weight: 50 kg.
Transmitter: 2 valves - Marconi DET 9x, Philips PC 05/15.
Receiver: 4 valves (superhet) - 1 x KK 2, 3 x KF 4. Sensitivity: 14 uV.
N2 has contained 2 such receivers.
Receiver N2 was also auxiliary receiver in N1 radio station (see photos of N1).
The main constructor of N1 and N2 radio stations was eng. Henryk Magnuski who has designed the American SCR-300 FM "Walkie-Talkie".
Fritz Trenkle books and another publications on German equipment has no info for N1 (AQ2) and N2 Polish stations.  
There are no such radio station and receiver in Polish museums and in private collections.
<Roman Buja>

AQ2/4 receiver, seen from different sides

N2 receiver, valves: KF4 (RF amplifier), KK2 (mixer/local osc), KF4 (IF/detector), KF4 (audio amplifier),
note the bandswitching switch.

Somewhat more readable circuit diagram for the receiver [Odbiornik N2 wz. 37]

N2 transmitter; 2 valves - Marconi DET 9x, Philips PC 05/15.
4,6V 1,2A, 15V 150mA, +420V 65mA

Somewhat better readable circuit diagram for the transmitter [Nadajnik N2 wz. 37], tnx to Roman Buja.

See page f21 for component info.

See more rig-info on
Radiostacja N1 (Piotr Krzysztofik SQ7HGP http://www.rkd.friko.pl/ ) or better at http://www.radioam.net/sq7hgp/polska.html



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