g62. Troposcatter radiolink stations


HÝrte, Grimstad. 3x 25m diameter dishes.
This was once so secret that the name wasn't on any maps

The carrier frequency equipment was so old that I thought such GE equipment had been out of telecommunication for 30 years,
but I later experienced that I was wrong on this point. I didn't mention the capacity, it wasn't even much for normal Telecommunication
between telephone exchanges in smaller Norwegian towns in 1970!!!

Unfortunately no radio amateur groups in this region cared to keep an antenna for experiments and all was knocked down in the early 90's.
This picture is dated 30. mai 92. We ran some packet radio nodes on 70 and 2m from this place for a year or two after the station was in-active.
Believe we used the callsigns LA9TB and LJ2I, which later became LD4HF.

Pictures from Faedrelandsvennen 30. mai 1992