Mittelwellenempfänger 'c'

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MwEc (Gelbstrich)

RX seen from above

RX seen from below


Mw.E.c (43) Medium wave communication receiver (0,83-3MHz).
It is a somewhat simplified version of the first version, you easily see that coil and tuning capacitor sections are missed or just empty holes.

Receiver data:

Ranges: 830-1600, 1600-3000kHz

9x RV12P2000
1. RF amplifier, 2. Mixer, 3. LO, 4. IF, 5. IF, 6. Signal and AGC detectors + audio amplifier,
7-8. push-pull output stage, 9. BFO

An earlier version has two RF amplifiers.
IF: 352kHz, BFO: 353kHz.

DC power requirement: +12V 1.2A, +150V 30mA
Dynamotor for 12V operation: EU.a, EU.a1, EU.a2, EU.a3, EU.a4

Height 200mm, Width 313mm, Depth 180mm. Weight 13kg.

363kHz xtals used in the receiver, they looks like a low-profile EF11,
they were bought from German surplus dealer "auf dem Schrottmarkt" at
Weinheim UKW Tagung for a reasonable price two years ago

dl9lx - not ready

Radcom Nov80 pp1157. TT Constant-k crystal filters in Mw.E.c and E52
CQ-DL Mar. 85 pp138-140 was an article about MwEc xtal filter by DL9LX Ulrich Fleischmann
Radcom Jun85, TT: TTS pp34-35: Constant-k crystal filters (Mw.E.c + Köln E52) PA0SE

Further info:

Hans-Joachim Ellissen: Die deutschen Funknachrichtenanlagen bis 1945,
Band 3: "Funk- und Bordsprechanlagen in Panzerfahrzeugen"
ISBN 3-928388-01-0 (printed 1991), see pg 121-125.

The Technique of Radio Design, 2nd impression, 1943.

written around 1940 by E. E. Zepler
Lecturer at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, and in the University College, Southampton; Technical Consultant;
Sometime Head of Receiver Development Department at Telefunken G.m.b.H.,
Research Engineer at Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co, Ltd.

(2nd impression 1943 - Chapman & Hall Ltd, London WC2),
Ph.D. in the book The Technique of Radio Design

The book contains the following chapters:
1) Some fundamental theoretical facts 1-30
2) Transfer Energy from the aerial 31-49
3) The amplifier stage pp50-97
4) Problems of detection and frequency changing pp98-129
5) Selectivity pp130-152
...[E52 and MwEc type IF xtal filters,
...T9K39 front-end selectivity]
6) Receiver Noise pp153-164
7) Gain control pp165-182
8) The priciples of screening pp183-205
9) Undesired feedback pp206-240.
10) Hum, spurious beats pp241-252.
11) Distortion pp253-263
12) Parasitic resonances pp264-268
13) Power supply pp269-278
14) Routine measurements pp279-295
15) Fault finding

I mentioned the reference to Zepler's book for Pat Hawker, but replied that he had already drawn attention to this book in Technical topics.

I don't have the book or copy for the relative long chapter 5 (pp130-153), it is referred to by Stein Torp, LA7MI



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