f22. Components and
piezo-electric crystals and light emitting crystal

Körting KST tuning capacitor and drive (PA0SE)
page-62 for more details of the HRO receiver

11c List of equipment and valves
f21 surplus components

Mains adapters
These are standard types in Norway, they are old types but hasn't been difficult to find in hardware shops.
Type 1 (left) is the so-called electric iron type (strykejernskontakt), was readily available 20 years ago in appliance shops (used for T9K39 'Main'). The second is female adapter (skjöteledningskontakt) and has been a readily available appliance,  it is used on Na6a (for Kw.E.a), suppose it is also used for E52 'Köln', too, the third is the usual 230V mains male connector

Typical DPDT-switch often used (Torn.E.b)

Luftwaffe connectors sometimes easy to find reasonable priced at Weinheim UKW Tagung flea marked

Torn.Fu.b1/Torn.Fu.c antenna relay

Torn.Fu.b1/Torn.Fu.c key relays

RF coils for MF, HF and VHF

Torn.E.b coil set

Lo6K39 coil set for one band

IF transformers and coils for
Kw.Ea/Fu.E.c (not the high-Q) etc
Ukw.E.e and Ukw.E.h

RFC's, audio chokes and a mike transformer

Torn.Fu.d2 cavity
FuG16 type tuning capacitors

Headphone- and key-connectors
Antenna connector for Torn.Fu.b1, Torn.Fu.c, Kw.E.a, Lw.E.a, Torn.E.b etc
Antenna connector for T9K39 Main

Sometimes you may find suitable capacitors, these are 50-245pF and 2x 55-490pF 5000V,
but the largest type is almost 50cm long (Elektrisk Bureau)

Dezifix connector (Rohde&Schwartz) - may be used as male or female, a smart connector,
somewhat large, but the problem is that it is already too many different types around. Hasn't
usually been too difficult to convert to other types so far.

The picture shows different variants for German telegraph relays. Trls43a was found in NTG2, but I haven't the faintest
idea where Trls44a has been used, found it at work amongst a lot of old components, so it may have been used for telecommunications

Trls 44a relay, obviously a 6-circuit current balance relay

Leuchtquarz = Light emitting crystal = Lys-emitterende krystall
Disse finnes på endel forskjellige frekvenser uten at en kan si eksakt hvilken frekvens det enkelte sett har,
antakeligvis skyldes det relativt stor spredning i produksjonen, noen frekvenser kan nevnes:
1800,7kHz (Torn.Fu.c), 4691,9 og 4687,5kHz (Torn.Fu.b1 og Torn.Fu.f) (markert de som er funnet i mitt utstyr)

Some "common" German xtals, they are scarce, and usually found in calibrators

363kHz xtals used in Mw.E.c
, they looks like a low-profile EF11, they were found at
"dem Schrottmarkt" in Weinheim UKW Tagung for a reasonable price few years ago