k63) Wärmepeilgerät
Infra-red equipment II

WPG-ZSt. Mirror & Bolometer (Zeiss Wärmepeilgerät)
Flekkeröy (Okslehavn?)

WPG-ZSt. Control & Indication equipment

More pictures and explanations for German infra-red equipment are shown in a publication available at Werner Gierlach;
Lt. E. S. Henning. "The High-Frequency War" (A survey of German Electronic Development, June 1946) No. F-SU-1109-ND, released 4. June 1946, pp148-157.

Some of the themes are listed below.
A Application
B sources of infrared frequencies
C Filters and mirrors
D Empfangsorgane
E Infrared picture producers
F Speechmodulatied infrared
H Infrared direction finding:
1) Nichtabtastende Geräte
a) WPG-150 Seeziel (Elac) 150cm reflector with one of Elac's cooled Pbs cells
b) WPG-60 Seeziel (Elac) This is in general similar to WPG-150, but has 60cm reflector and automatic noise compensatio, sensistivity is the same as for WPG-150
c) WPG-21 (Elac) 21cm dia mirror (under development)
d) WPG of Zeiss. The range is similar to that of the WPG-150, but the accuracy of 17 min, makes following the target very difficult

2) Equipment with subdivision of picture:
a) Nachtmessgeräte NMG-42 or 45 Luftziel (Elac). This is for air targets, reception angle of 80°, 150cm mirror
b) Kormoran (Elac) has 25cm dia Mangin-mirror. Development stopped
c) Prof Karolus' equipment (NVK) has 30 little mirrors to scan the image onto a PbS cell
d) Froschauge (Gema) contains a lens and mirror of 15cm dia, CRT
e) KIEL Z (Zeiss) has 25cm dia paraboloid moving in distorted circles, 900 rpm. Pickup angle 12°
f) B-Gerät (Siemens) fixed main mirror 40cm dia, similar to Kiel-Z
g) Dr. Schafer's apparatus (Siemens)

I. Homing Equipments
a Linse unit contains a 5cm dia lithium flurcide lens
b) Tasso - naval application of similar application. It is a 60-70 knot Hydroplane (Tragflachenboot) travelling at high speed on narrow bands under the boat
c) Hamburg (Elac) homing device for rockets

J Infrared proximity fuses

K all-round Infrared Receivers

L Other Airborne Infrared Equipment

M Infrared countermeasures

N Infrared Photography

Q Ultraviolet

Some pictures of the
Lichtsprechgerät, see pg 44a (Infra red voice communication)

Available books from Werner Gierlach (DL6VW):



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