f16. Surplus receiver accessories

How to connect a loadspeaker to Torn.E.b, Kw:E.a, Lw.E.a, Fu.H.E.c, Ukw.E.e etc

a) An easy way to connect a speaker is just by adding a loadspeaker transformer from an old BC-radio. Transformer impedance is not critical, an EL84 transformer is 5000 ohm, and quite optimum when output impedance for receivers are 4000 ohm. I've used the arrangement for 40 years. The volume is quite good, perhaps somewhat low for ssb reception without modifications. Have also used it with DSP-9 signal processor.
Mechanical arrangement. I use RCA phono connectors for loadspeaker connections. The drawing shows how it it mounted on an of aluminium bracket

Needed a second arrangement and found it was no advantage to use an aluminium chassis, here is used a piece of wood, with 5mm dia holes to fix it at suitable places.