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Ln21021 Schwabenland (Luftwaffe version, Marine version is EO 8268)
ZF 1240kHz, 1,5-25MHz in 8 bands, 11x RV12P2000 STV150/20 Te30 BFO: 1241kHz,
HF, HF, Mix, Osz, ZF, ZF, ZF, Diode, AGC-diode, NF, BFO
Note that it used 2x RV12P2000 for 2 diode functions, where Mw.E.c and Köln E52 would use single valve for 3 functions,
T9K39 uses 1x RV12P2000 as a rectifier diode. Both Ln21021/E=8268 and T9K39 has no audio input amplifier.
Geräte Handbuch: D.(Luft) T.4415 - available from Fritz Trenkle.
See picture at

Schaltbild für Lo1UK35
Daten für RL2P3 und RL2T2;
sehe Seite E81

Schaltbild für Lo6K39/Lo6L39