e87. Dumpbuizen voor VHF en UHF

An interesting article about the surplus devices are written i Electron during 1963-64
by J.G.Lodeizen PA0LOD, later included in VERON VHF-UHF-SHF Handboek
('t beste uit 25 jaar Electron 1958-1982) pg.7.1-7.13

it covers amateur radio VHF/UHF applications for the valves:

227A, 2C22, 2C34, 2C39, 2C39A, 2C39B, 2C40, 2C42, 2C43, 3-25D3, 327A, 327B, 34, 388A, 3A/148J, 3C22,
3C24, 3C24G, 3CX100A5, 3DX3, 4074A, 446A, 446B, 4-65A, 4C27, 4E27/5-125B, 4E27/8001, 5861, 5876,
6263, 6264, 6375, 6J4, 703A, 7193, 8011, 8012, 8012A, 829, 829A, 829B, 832, 832A, 954, 955, 956, ACT22,
CV136, CV1501, CV257, CV55, CV6, DC70,Det20, DL70, DL73, E1148, EC52, EC54, EC55,EC70,EF54,
LD2, LS1, LS180, LS30, LS50, NR88, PE05-25, QE04-10, QQE04/20, QV04/7, RD12Ta, RD12Tf, RK34,
RL12P10, RL12P50 RL18, RL2,4T1, RL2T2, RS297, RS394, TS6, TT11, VR137,VT501, VT61, VT61A,

Hope to scan it and convert to text file later