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Radio Communication (RSGB) index 1969-1990
G3SEK's Amateur Radio Technical Notebook
SM5BSZ's Home page (at G7RAU)
DUBUS http://www.kirsta.com/radio/jm-dubus.txt
DUBUS, Radcom, UHF http://www.kirsta.com/radio/la8ak.htm
Radcom  http://www.kirsta.com/radio/jm-radc.txt
UHF Unterlage http://www.kirsta.com/radio/jm-uhf.txt
some useful technical microwave links http://www.bnhof.de/~dl6nci/link.htm
Västkustens Mikrovåggruppe SK6YH http://www.sk6yh.org/

Heath-Kit Circuits
Norsk Radiohistorisk forening (Norwegian Radio-Historical Society)
K4XL's Boatanchor Archive
Frank Philipse's Valve data base, it is where you find the proper data you have been dreaming about for years
German ceramic Transmitting tubes copied by USSR and still very popular
Norwegian WW2 Discussion Forum
German Radar sites in Norway 1940-1945

Links to Wurzburg Riese http://roselli.org/tour/06_2001/168.html
Development of the radar systems 1935 - 1945 http://home.zonnet.nl/atlanticwall/radar/index.htm#wurz  - bra!
Radar oversikt (Wurzburg Riese) http://mujweb.atlas.cz/zabava/blazek/Tapir/Wurzburg.htm