95. Technical topics
List of actual articles

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100W 181kHz PWR amplifier (2x BUK456-1008) ZL4OL TT Radcom mar 00 pp67-
181kHz TX LPF and antenna current meter ZL4OL TT Radcom mar 00 pg68
2m Interference Reduction System G3ZYY Radcom Apr 92 pp48+
2m switching with PIN diodes ZL1BCG QST Mar 81 pg.19-
40/17m and 30/12m 1/4-5/8 combination vertical antenna K7KGP QST apr 89 pp.19-
40673 push-push mosfet doubler W1FB QST apr.84 pg.50
50 ohm broadband amplifiers Solidstate design for the RA pp.188-192
50 ohm Class A power amplifiers Solidstate design for the RA pp. 206
50kc IF amplifier [AF Converter =6BE6] W1DX QST Dec 50 pg.13+
74HC4066 mixer with diplexer ZS6BZP TT Radcom 98 Apr pp.61
A 1935 ham receiver W7IV(W2LIW) QST 9/86 pp 29-30
A resonant speaker for cw K4JVT QST Dec 87 pg.43
A short 7MHz (LOADED) dipol W7CQB QST apr 89 pp.38
A solid-state Franklin LC oscillator VE3RF TT Radcom nov 01 pg80
A truly broadband antenna for 80m K0EOU QST 4/86 pp 23-25
Accurate low power RF wattmeter for HF and VHF [using lamps], WA4RZP HamRadio 12/77 pp.38-43
Alternative antenna insulators W2XM QST Oct 91 pp.39
Alternative method 'mount. large-size antennas' N0AFW QST aug/86 pp.28-29
Amateur use of telescoping masts W4MB QST May 94 pp.41-45
Amplificateur Lineaire Decametrique 10-80m 2x 813 Radio REF 3/87 pp.39
Amplifier-Driver compatibility AG6K QST apr 89 pp.17-
Anodesmoorspoel vor de zendereindtrap PA0SE Electron nov 91 pp.585/588
Antenna tuners: are they necessary? W1FB QST may 89 pp.43-
Antenna: To seal or not to seal W1PN QST reb 88 pp.39
Astronomical delights Radio ZS may 88 pp.08-14
Attenuator for VHF-FM, An Active - PA0ZR ARRL 1996 handbook 23.75-76
Attenuator: Active atten. f. TX hunting PA0ZR QST nov 92 pp.28
Automatic VSWR indicator OH8RO Radio Amat""ri 2/85 pp.06-08
Auto-ranging digitale capaciteitmeter PA0DSH Electron Dec 87 pp 623-625
B2, schema van de ontvanger van de - PA0SE Electron oct 88 pp.499
B2, Zendgedeelte van de - PA0SE Electron oct 88 pp.499
Banddoorlatfilters voor transceivers PA0SE Electron nov 91 pp.587-588+585
Bandfilters met minimale doorlatdemping PA0SE electron 4/91 181
Band-Pass filters for HF transceivers K4VX QST sep 88 pp.17-19+23
Bandpassfilter mit OPV Funk amateur 10/96 1114
Before Spark QST jan 94 pp. 57-
Bepaling van ruisgetal op hoge frequenties PA0EHG Electron apr 88 pp.200
Beyond the dipper W7ZOI Radio-Amater YU 87/05 pg.131-133
Beyond the dipper(using signal generator) W7ZOI QST may 86 pp.14-20
Big wheel antenna PA0AAX Electron DEC 86 pg. 617-618
Bridged-T xtal filter for 73, 100 &136kHz G3JIR TT Radcom may 98 pp58+
Build the versa loop AE6C QST aug 89 pp.22-26
Cable measurements revisited KI6WX QST oct 91 pp.41
Calculating dish data on a spreadsheet ZR1ER Radio ZS May 1988 pp. 7
Calculating wire diameter W0BPR QST dec 89 pp.40 T.C.
Calibrated noise source for amateur radio W0IYH QST may 94 pp.37-40
CD4007 - univerzalno cmos kolo Radio-amater YU 7/86 pp.210-214
Chip for charging gelled-electrolyte batteries N1BBH QST june 87 pp.26-29
coax cable reactance, L/4 shown for 10MHz (table) KI6WX QST aug 89 pp.30
Coaxial resonator match and the broadband dipole AI1H QST apr 89 pp.22-27
Collins balun update PA0SE QST jan 87 pp.37
Communications for the blind, passport to.. QST feb 88 pp. 26-29
Compact Loop antenna for 30-12m WA3ULH QST may 94 pp.33-35
Comparison of Solidstate and tube-based RX systems DJ2LR QST 6/93 pp.24-28
Computer remote control of an AR station W2AX W2GGE QST nov 91 pg 25-30
Computer RFI - part 1 G0SNO Radcom dec 96 pg.77-78
Configuration of vehicle-mounted loop antenna TT Radcom jul 99 pg54
Creating a technical library WB8IMY QST dec 91 pp.35
Crystal Lattice filters 462kHz for RX and TX (1) W2AZW, W4OLL QST Jun 51 48-51
Curtains for you; Big dB's for small $'s K1TN QST oct 91 pp.26-30
CW pseudo stereo adapter - 600Hz G3DXZ TT Radcom feb 01 pg64
De heliograf PA0SE Electron nov 93 pp.570-571
De korte dipool antenne PA0KSB Electron Nov 87 pp 571-572
De NEI set PA0SE Electron 2/90 63, sep 89 pp.454-
De OPTIQUAD deel 1 PA0SE electron dec 91 652
DEF receiver(2m direction finding) ZS6EF Radio ZS mar 90 pp.3-
Digital pep wattmeter accuracy KU7G QST dec 91 pp.45-46
Digitized speech system for ssb contesting NU1N QST oct 89 pp.19-24
diplexer voor 145 en 434MHz PA0HVA Electron Juni 1994 pp 311-312
Dipmeter with digital display ARRL 1996 handbook 26.16-19
Dipper using signal generator instead of GDM (W7ZOI) QST may 86 pp.14-20
dipper, Een uitgebreide -, beschreven door W6HPH electron 8/90 445
Direct afleesbare zelfinductiemeter (73) PA0SE Electron nov 93 pp.569
Direct conversion receiver notes W7SX QST sep 88 pp.46-47
Direct digital synthesis WB2CPU QST aug 94 pp30-
Direct-afleesbare zelfinductiemeter Electron feb 93 pp.65
Direction finding with the interferometer K5QIN WD5CAW QST 11/85 pp.33-37
Discone antenna Zoran Mikelic, Radio-amater YU 88/11 pg.307-310
Does path loss increase with frequency? KK7B QST jan 91 pp.38
Donder en bliksem (peileantenner) PA0CX Electron Nov 1994 pp. 614-615
Doorslijpen van ferrietringkernen electron okt 90 529
Drake TR-4: 6146B for - SM6CPO SM-QTC 78 dec pg.434-435
DSP - a modern audio filter Fred Williams QST dec 86 pp.32-40
DSP Add-On (SSM-2000 Eurotek) DJ1FO, G4LQH Radcom Jan 99 pg44
DTMF decoder noise sensitivity K4IHP QST sep 88 pp.47
Een µW/mW-meter a la PA0JOZ PA3ACJ Electron mar 92 pp.143-
een derde methode om freq. osc stabiliseren PA0KSB electron okt 90 534
Een home made paddle (Trls 64 rele) PA0TVO Electron Okt. 94 pp 557
Een tweedehands transceiver(FT250) PA0DKO electron juli 1991 363
Eenvoudige EMC-tester Electron apr 89 pp.207
Effective receiver dynamic range KH6CP QST jan 91 pp.38-39
Efficient short meander HF antennas TT Radcom aug-99 pp53
Einplatingen QRP transceiver S 5940 40m cw Funk amateur 6/96 675
Encyclopedia of electronic circuits Vol 4 KB1MW/7 QST mar 94 pp. 31 review
Equations for impedance of coupled antennas W7EL QST apr 84 pg.51
Ervaringen met de SL1455 PA0DKO Electron apr 88 pp.185
Extended double zepp ant for 24MHz K7KGP QST dec 87 pp.25-27
Extended double zepp, Scaling the- K7KGP QST Dec 88 pp.47
Fast tuning DDS with two pics G4GXO TT Radcom jan 01 pp61-
Feeding your station (W1FB dec 83) WA5LVG QST apr 84 pg.51
Filters med kristallen in boventon PA0KSB electron 5/91 244
filters voor amateurzenders PA3CFG electron dec 1991 658
Filters, passive - design ARRL 1996 handbook 16.05-
Fixing vintage radios for fun and profit QST aug 94 pp.42-
Frequentiestabilisator voor VFO PA0SE Electron oct 89 pp.508-509
FST3125M Switching mixer G8IBR Radcom may 02 pg61
FT-990 switched capacitor filter performance QST nov 91 pp.49
Fundamental frequency squarer 74AC86 G3SBI Radcom Sep 98 pp58
G3SBI's H-mode FST2125M Mixer - Constructional details Radcom Sep 98 pp 58-59
Geintegreerde bredeband-HF-versterker NE5205 PA0SE Electron Nov 86 pg. 550
Geintegreerde BW verst NE5205 PA0SE Electron jan 87 pg.007-008
Gilbert Cell mixers - making do without SL6440 G4COL, TT Radcom Apr 98, pg 60-61
Gilbert Cell mixers, More on -, G3RZP TT Radcom June 98 pg 59
Giving valves new life (EF184, D3a) TT Radcom jan 01 pg64
Handpumpe PA0SE Electron nov 93 pp.568
Harmonic mixer 74HC4066 (74HC04) TT Radcom Apr 98, pg.61
Heathkit HW-99 Novice CW transceiver WA6IVC QST mar 86 pp.43-45
Heathkit SA-2550 Remote Antenna Matcher W1FB QST aug 88 pp.43-46
Heathkit SB-1000 HF linear amplifier N1FB QST feb 88 pp.33-35
Helical resonators ARRL 1996 handbook 16.25
Hellschrijven PA0SE Electron jul 87 pg. 341-342
HF milliwattvorsatz fr Digitalvoltmeter DL7AIR Funk Amateur 10/96 1132-1133
High power directional Coupler ARRL handbook 1996 22.41
High-Directivity RX antenna for 80m WA2WVL QST 8/93 pp.31-34
High-dynamic-range MF/HF receiver Front-End N6NWP QST Feb 93 pp.23-
High-pass filter to reduce HF sigs at 2m K9JU QST apr.84 pg.51
High-performance, single-signal, Direct-conv receivers KK7B QST Jan 93 pp32-40
How about a real NOISE BLANKER? W9TAL QST jun 89 pp.45
How to build and use a VHF wattmeter W1FB Radio ZS February 1988 pp4-7
HRO, More on the - TT Radcom jan 02 pp69+
Hybrid combiners for Signal Generators ARRL 1996 Handbook 26.37
Impedance data for inverted-V antenna 27-30MHz KI6WX QST aug 89 pp.32
Improving and using R-X noise bridges KI6WX QST aug 89 pp.27-
Improving the HW-9 transceiver K8CH/KH6CP QST apr 88 pg26-
inductance meter 0.15µ(0)-1,8mH, a simple- ARRL 1996 Handbook 26.21-23
Inductive spikes (Relays) G3SEK Radcom jan 02 pp63+
inexpensive RF switches for the ham shack VE1CZX QST aug 86 pp. 25-27
Inexpensive spectrum analyzer for the radio amateur K2BLA QST nov85 pp.23-29
Ingangsverzwakker voor de FT-707 (RF unit FT-707) Electron jul 87 pg.356-357
injectie synchronisatie op harmonischen PA0SE electron 4/91 182
Input impedance of LPDA antennas KE3Z QST oct 86 pg. 51
Interference in reverse W3HVE QST may 94 pp.65
intro to digital signal processing KB1MW/7 QST July 91 pp. 35-37
Japans morse alfabet II PA0SE Electron OKT 94 pp 533-534
Kenwood TS-440 op de testbank PA0JOZ Electron apr 87 pg.172-
KwEa (picture) electron aug 91 413 - see electron nov 77, pag. 587
LA8AK's Ceramic res. VFO Radcom Feb 96 pg75
Large antenna coils W3JIP QST jan 94 pp.80
Lightening protection of VHF yagi ARRL handbook 1996 20.61 fig.20.102
Lineaire afstemschaal met capaciteitslin cap Electron Febr 91 pp 69-70
LM2941 low drop regulator electron maart 1990 pp 125
Log Periodic dipole arrays for upper HF bands K6VV QST nov 88 pp.21-23
Logaritmische voltmeter met een meetgebied van 100dB Electron nov 93 pp.570
Log-periodic dipole array for 80m and 40m KV5E QST aug 86 pp.21-24
Loops, half-loops, frames & NVIS G3LHZ TT Radcom feb 01 pp61-
Low cost 50MHz 16W linear, MRF610 PA0KSB TT Radcom jul 00 pg55
Low Cost- High performance HF Switching mixer Radcom Jan96 pp65 74HC4066
Low cost R+X bridge for large Inductances W2HBE QST april 87 pp.44-50
LT1251 LT1256 Funk amateur 6/96 669
Magnetic Longwire balun PA0SE electron mei 1991 235
Magnetische loop antennes PA0BOV Electron jan 93 pp.13
Matching receivers to transmission lines KH6CP QST sep 88 pp.46 (1989??)
Meander monopole, typical mechanical structure TT Radcom aug-99 pp54
Measure relay changeover times with scope G3SEK Radcom may 02 pp55-
Measuring soil conductivity W2FMI QST Mar 81 pg.38-
Mechanical filters revived Radcom TT Nov 96 pp61-62
Meer versterking op 1,3GHz med de 2C39 G4MPK G3SEK electron 9/90 479
meetzender met MC1648, een eenvoudige - PA0DKO Electron Juni 1994 pp 303
Messungen an Filterquarzen DL6HUH Funk amateur 10/96 pp 1130-1132
METCON a remote control and telemetry system AD7I QST Jan 93 pg.41-
Meteor scatter - european style G8VR QST nov 86 35-39
Meteorscatter communications K1JX QST jan 86 pp.14-17
microwave Local Osc, A clean low cost - KK7B QST jul 89 pp.15-21
milliwattmeter PA0SE Electron okt 94 pp.116-117
Minimizing tvi from FT-757 transceiver KB6FPW QST jan 94 pp.79
mininec PA0SE electron 4/91 179
Modem PSK IW3QBN Radio Rivista 4/90 21-24
Moderne peilers PA0SE electron juli 1991 354
Modifiering av IC-735 OH7XM/OH2MXM SM-QTC 92 jan pg. 8-9
Modifying push-button switches for momentary operation ARRL 1996 22.51
Modifying the MFJ900 series ATU for 160m K6TS QST dec 88 pp.44
Monolithic microwave integrated circuits WB5LUA QST feb 87 pp.23-29+32
More 73kHz antenna basics G3VA Radcom Oct 96 pp73+
More on S-P network W0IYH QST jan 87 pp.36-37
More on the 160m sloper KI6O QST feb 87 pg.43
Multiband aanpassing lineaire versterker electron juni 1991 308
My feed line tunes my antenna W1DX QST nov 91 pg.33-35
New co-ax from Telecomms G3OSS Amateur Radio (GB)may 87 pp.27
New Low-IMD Mixer, an alternative to Gilbert cell- TT Radcom oct 99 p63
Noise source, A calibrated - ARRL 1996 Handbook 26.29-32
Omroepontvangersuit tweede wereldoorlog PA0SE electron juni 1990 302
On center-fed multiband dipoles VE2CV QST mar 94 pp.34-36
On-ground Low-Noise receiving antennas W1FB QST apr 88 pg. 30-
Optimum design for 432MHz yagies K1FO QST dec 87 pp.20-24
Organisatie van de Zeeuwse Radiodienst PA0SE Electron mai 87 pg.223-226
Oscillators - more on noise G8IBR Radcom may 02 pg61
PA: 300W HF eindtrap met tweemal BLF177 PA0SSB Electron Juni 1994 pp 305-309
PA: 811A tube replacements W5RES QST nov 88 pp.42
PA0KSB's improved 'Huff and puff' stabilizer G3VA Radcom July 1996 pp 71-72
PA0KSB's visie op kristal-oscillatoren Reflecties, electron aug 87 pg.396-397
PA0SE on 2197m. xtal controlled conv.(1) PA0SE TT Radcom Jan 99 pg62
PA0SE on 2197m. xtal controlled conv.(2) PA0SE TT Radcom Mar 99 pg62
PA0SE's 136kHz transmitter (1) PA0SE TT Radcom Jan 99 pg62
PA0SE's 136kHz transmitter (2) PA0SE TT Radcom apr 99 pg57
PA0UHF verbetert de UA3IAR monopole quad PA0SE Electron apr 87 pg.167
Parasieten in zendereindtrappen AG6K Electron 2/90 62
Passieve filters. Bandfilter type BD2 ON4VN C QSO 181 jul 82
PC Voltmeter and VSWR-bridge(ADC0832/LT1091) ARRL 1996 handbook 22.35-36
Peilontvangers voor de twe-meter-band PA0SE electron sep 91 467
Phase measurement in phased arrays N1DM QST apr 89 pp.41
Phase noise and its effects .. KI6WX (2) QST Apr.88 pp.22-25
Phase Noise and its effects on amateur comm. (1) QST Mar 88 pp.14-20
Phase noise units G3SEK Radcom dec 96 pg.79-80
Phased Arrays and Adcocks ARRL 1996 handbook 23.61-62
Pigtails" make antenna adjustments easy KA6UXR QST jun 87 pp.40
PIN diode switched amplifier KH6CP QST feb 88 pp.42 T.C.
PIN diode verzwakker 3xBA379 BC107 PA0DKO electron maart 1990 pp 129
PK-232/IC-751 compatibility problem solved NY7O QST dec 88 pp.44-
Polarad spectrum-analyzers PA0DKO Electron dec 86 pg. 619
Polyphase ssb detector for DC-RX TT Radcom apr 01 pp62-
Power amplifier 1W in 30W out with power mosfets at 80m AA3X QST jan 93.pg50-51
Power amplifier using 3x 4CX250B on 2m YU1AW Radio-amater 7/85 pp.195-
Power Amplifiers and Matching Networks Solid State design for the RA 52-54
Power combiner for 23cm N6CA QST apr 91 pp.28-30
Practical D.S.R.C transmitter Design (2x807) W1DF QST jun 51 pp.20-25
Practical time-domain reflectometer KD5HM QST may 89 pp.22-24
Pre-amplificateur VHF-UHF (CF300) F6CER Radio-REF 7/87 pp.41-
Pre-amplifier (136kHz active aerial) K0BRA LF Radcom jan 02 pg.98
Pre-selector voor kortegolfontvanger Reflecties, Electron okt 87 pg. 497-498
Pre-war 1.7MHz Frankling oscillator G6GR TT Radcom nov 01 pg79
Present-day receivers - some cures and cures HR dec.77 pp10-18 (W0JGP, K8RRH) [Drake R-4C, TR-4C, TS-820]
Primena Integrisanog kola TBA120 LA8AK Radio-Amater YU pg. 72-74
Protecting power tetrodes KN5S QST nov89 pp.22-25
QRP transmatch - a novel approach W1FB QST aug 86 pp.30-33
RA3AAE DC RX LA8AK Radcom Apr 95 pp50-51
Radioverbindingen van het Verzet in Zeeland PA0SE Electron mai 87 pg.221-226
Rahmeantenne für 3,5MHz, Abgestimmte - DL1VU Funk amateur 10/96 1138-1139
Re-cementing tube grid and plate caps KM4IM QST jul 91 pp.47
Recept voor spoelen - (TV lijntrafo) electron okt 90 528
Reducing popcorn noise in active filters KH6CP QST may 89 pp.40
Re-evalution of the Caron RF imp.bridge W6TGK QST sep 94 pp.28-31
Reevalution of the Caron RF imp.bridge W6TGK QST sep 94 pp.28-31
Relative RF AMmeter for Open-Wire Lines KH6CP QST oct 88 pp.15-17
Remote controlled antenna switch (ICOM) ARRL 1996 handbook 22.43-45
Return Loss Bridge ARRL 1996 Handbook 26.38-39
Reweld broken tube filaments KI3U QST jan 87 pp.34-35
RF Choke design AA6GK QST Jun 88 pp.50-51
RF Choke design AA6GK QST Jun 88 pp.50-51
RF IC switching, Follow-up on - I7SWX/F5VGU TT Radcom mar 02 pg64
RF Power amplifiers and the conjugate match W5OLY QST nov 91 pp.31-35
Richtingsgevoelige wattmeter voor klein vermogen Electron mar 94 pp.116
Richtingsgevoelige wattmeters PA0SE Electron mar 94 pp.113-117
Richtingsgevoelige wattmeters(Bruene) PA0SE Electron okt 94 pp 113-116
Rocky Point effect with 8877 PA0SE Electron jan 87 pg.009
RT70GRC R108/GRC AM25/GRC PP282/GRC PA0SE electron mai 1990 255
R-X noise bridge -A laboratory style- W1FB QST dec 87 pg.32-
R-X Noise bridge audio links W8VWX QST dec 88 pp.44
R-X noise bridge, Using ~ to measure cable impedance K6NY QST may 91 pp 45
R-X Noise bridges PA0SE Electron 3/88 pp. 119-125
R-X Noise bridges VE2CV QST may 88 pp.34-35
R-X Noise bridges, improving and using - KI6WX QST aug 89 27-32
Raamantennes voor ontvangst op 160m * PA0SE Electron Febr 91 pp 67-68
Schakelschema van DASD-Standardger„t nr 10/37 RS289 Electron jul 87 pg. 343-
Schema van de BP4 (30W) PA0SE Electron oct 88 pp.497
Second generation Trask series shunt feedback mixer TT Radcom oct 99 pg64
Semi break-in met aparte zendereindtrap PA0SE electron juni 1991 296
Sensorlampen gevoelig voor hoogfrequentie signalen Electron Juni 94 pp 300-301
Signal generator power control N6YC QST feb87 pp.42 T.C.
Simple optically coupled RX, TT Radcom Sept 98 pp57
Simple resonant atu for QRO and QRP W1FB QST sep 88 pp.26-28
Simple VHF/UHF diplexer WB6RBE QST oct 91 pp.18-
Simpler CW/RTTY mode changes with AEA PK-232 NY7O QST dec 88 pp.44-
Slow-Tuning Fast stabilizer G3DXZ TT Radcom sep 00 pg53
Small loop antenna for 160m W1LYQ QST 6/93 pp. 32-34
SMD Electrolytic polarity G3SEK Radcom may 02 pg56
SMD technology Primer (2) NU1N QST Jan 91 pp.27-30
Sniffing out RF rectification W6BUY QST dec 88 pp.46
Some thoughts on Panel Labeling KG2M QST dec 88 pp.44-45
Spectrum usage 27-225MHz W3EP QST apr 88 pg.37
Spiralna UHF/VHF antena (helix antenna) Radio-Amater YU 4/85 pp 107-
Sporadic E propagation at VHF W3EP QST Apr 88 pg 33-
SSB exciter/demodulator electron okt 90 530
State-variable bandpassfilter, calculation and response HR december 77 pp 52-55 (WB6GRZ)
Stereo CW, more on - TT Radcom apr 98 pg.59
Surplus: De C12 van Pye PA0DKO Electron Maart 1987 pp 118-121
Sweep tube replacements (EL509) TT Radcom jan 01 pg61
Synchr. det for AM transmissions OH2GF QST 7/93 pp.28-33
Table for 10MHz L/4 coax cable reactance KI6WX QST aug 89 pp.30
TAPR's digital deviation meter WA7GXD QST oct 93 pp.31-38
TDA1001 TDA1576T CA3039 CA3020 Funk amateur 10/96
Te lage gloeispanning funest voor eindbuizen AG6K electron 2/90 62
Technical correspondence: 160m antennas VE2CV QST jul 91 pp.49-50
Telephone RFI cure (filter) WA6BSJ QST apr 84 pg.43
Test set-up for evaluating an xtal Solids state design for the RA pp.85
The 160m sloper system at K3LR QST aug 94 pp.36-
The basic Butler cathode-coupled osc. TT Radcom nov 01 pg80
The building-supply yagi (10-12-15m bands) W1FEA QST mar 91 pp.22-24
The central states VHF society NT0Z QST dec 91 pp.61-66
The clemens match G6STD/M5AFA TT Radcom jan 01 pp63-
The Coplanar-Twin-Loop antenna W6QYT QST sep 89 pp.29-
The Dallas Plan for TVI W5MA/W5IT QST Jun 51 pg.26-28
The divide by 2 squarer, used in orig. H-mode mixer Radcom TT 9/98 pp.59
The electronic Parrot NC6U QST dec 88 pp.14-
The free-running LC oscillator G3VA TT Radcom nov 01 pg79
The mobile roof rack antenna G3LDO QST nov 88 pp.29-32
The nearly perfect power amplifier AG6K QST jan 94 pp.30-34
The Null-steerer Revisited W7XC QST jul 94 pp.29-33
The Pfeiffer Quad antenna system K1KLO QST mar 94 pp.28-31
The slow dying spark G3VA TT Radcom mar 99 pp59
The Tandem Match- Accurate directional wattmeter ARRL handbook 1996 22.36-
The 'Trafalgar' LF/VLF Receiver EI3CY Radcom may 02 pp46-54
Thermoelectric power for QRP transmitters W8VVM QST sep 94 pp.32-33
Thoriated Tungsten & the 813 etc G3VA TT Radcom may 00 pp53
Tips van LFD-specialist PA0RLS Electron dec 86 pg. 612-614
Toepassin van de anti-drift-schakeling in een comm.RX Electron jul 87 pg. 345-
Tonschreiber b van Telefunken PA0SE Electron jan 87 pg. 10
Top Loaded delta loop Radio Rivista 12/87 pp43
Toroids - some practical considerations W1FB QST dec 88 pp.33-34
Towards the super-Linear receiver TT G3SBI Radcom Sep 96 pp70-72
Tracing and eliminating power line interference K3QM QST nov 91 pp.43-46
Transceiver/Computer interfaces ARRL 1996 handbook 22.46-
Transforming the balun VE2CV QST Jun 91 pp.30-33
Transmatch features a modified T-network Solidstate design for the RA 165
transmatch for 'two meter band' Amateur Radio (UK) may 87 pp.45
Transmitting loops (to use at home) revisited W1FB QST mar 88 pp.27-29
transvertor voor 3,4GHz (deel 2) DB6NT/PA0EZ Electron Mei 1994 pp.251-255
Tranzistorski pojacavaci snage za 144MHz(II) YA1AW Radio-Amater YU 88/03 pg.66-
Trenkle's Toppers PA0SE electron aug 91 414
Turbulentie in elektronika PA0SIM electron aug 91 417
TV als ijksignaalbron PA0LQ Electron dec 86 pg. 611-612
TVI cures (Technical correspondence) QST jun 91 pp.42-43
TX: 15 meter sender mit sipmos transistor OE3HPU QSP 6/89 S.13-14
uitgangsimpedans voor LM317 PA0SE electron maart 1990 pg 123
Understanding and constructing RF chokes W1FB QST feb 87 pp.16-19
Updated rx measurements as listed by Sherwood Eng. Radcom 97-05-071
Use and abuse of valves G3VA TT Radcom jun 82 pp498
Use and abuse of valves (-) G3VA TT Radcom may 00 pp53
Use and build balun transformers W1FB QST mar 87 pp.34-
Use Kenwood VFO-520 with FT-707 W0ZH QST jan 87 pp.34 T.C.
Using coax transmatch with open-wire feed line KH6CP QST may 88 pg.43
Using QST to choose an old HF rig [dyn.range] KA4GSQ QST feb 87 pp.20-22
Using R-X noise bridge to measure cable impedance K6NY QST may 91 pp 45
Valve amplifiers, Metering high-power- G3GKG TT Radcom mar 02 pg62
Valves & Valve amplifiers TT Radcom mar 02 pp61
Variabele oscillator met coaxiale kabel electron okt 1990 528
VCO met groot frequentiegebied PA0SE Electron jan 87 pg.007
Verbeterde capaciteitsmeter PA0SE Electron nov 86 pg. 548-549
Verbeterde FM-ontvangst med 'in-channel select' Electron nov 86 pg. 548-550
Versetzsendeer en -ontvanger anno 1944 PA0SE Electron mai 87 pg.221-226
Vertical 2-band antenne 18/24MHz G3HCT Radcom 2/90 electron 1/91 pp 11
Vertikale T2FD electron okt 1990 527
VHF parasieten in zendereindtrappen PA0SE Electron Febr 91 pp 67
Vijftig jaar 6L6 PA0SE Electron nov 86 pg. 551-552
VLF converter met gyratorafstemming PA0SE Electron Okt. 94 pp 537
Vlinderdipol van PA3BNT electron okt 1990 527
VMOS Linear amplifiers for 50MHz DJ9FG TT Radcom jul 00 pp54
Voeden van de cubical quad ant DJ4VM PA0SE electron dec 91 657
VSWR detector audio adapter G4YNM ARRL Handbook 1996 22.33-34
VSWR meter for HW-9 (QRP) K8CH/KH6CP QST apr 88 pg.28
VXO voor wobbulator PA0SE electron juni 1991 297
WA8TXT's PIN diode switched TR-module QST apr 88 pp 72
Washing-line-type folded dipol >7MHz VA3ERY TT Radcom mar 99 pg62
Wattmeter voor groot vermogen PA0SE Electron mar 94 pp.116
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Wireless set B47 VK2DYM Amateur Radio Jun 83 pp.18-19
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G3RZP AM/CW/SSB demodulator using 6SJ7 as detector/BFO G3VA Radcom TT Jan.2004 pp.45
AC7AC's simple superhet using low-voltage valves developed in the 50's G3VA Radcom TT Jan.2004 pp.42
The two-valve superhet receiver section of the A3 clandestine agent radio transmitter-receiver Radcom TT Jan.2004 pp.42
PIC-A-STAR Filter blocks for 10-160m bands G3XJP Radcom Jan.2004 pp.49
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Development of the morse key, G3YWX Radcom jan 2004 pg.27


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